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The First of many random acts

Totally Random Crap. Don't expect more from this here blog, I beg you. I'm not an authority on fashion or make-up, even though I know the meaning of haute couture and can preach of the wonders of blush. I'm just a girl that loves shopping and looking good. People have asked where I get my clothes, how much and all that...that's how I "thought up" this blog.

I'm a freak! Before I start anything/buy anything/make any investment...I research the hell out of it. Why blog? Why I shouldn't blog? How...when...all that! And here I am finally. Don't be deceived though. I'm no Daks but don't you just love her! Neither am I Delmy ...I'm just me. I don't particularly care to share my name and I'll try to show as little of my makeup-less face as possible.

Have I managed to bring your expectations to the barest minimum? Lol...awesome then.

I just read through that epistle up there. Crap :(


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