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Posted by / Wednesday, May 02, 2012 / 6 Comments

OBB #1

This should have been posted yesterday, as I was waiting for the beginning of the new month so I could keep track of the 30-day plan...but I had a crazy day and was too tired to do anything but crash.

What I learnt today was very much abstract. I'll still share with you. I've been having a crazy couple of weeks....and i'm to blame for it all. Well, not all...but yeah the most part. I let my feelings/emotions get ahead of me and talked without thinking. Today I had to make a tough decision; tell my friend the truth and risk losing a great friendship or keep quiet till the drama dies down. Though it was very hard and I practically had to glue my mouth shut, I kept quiet. I put myself in her shoes and I realized that, it might hurt a tiny bit that she didn't hear it from me as soon as I found out, and someday she'll understand that I had her best interest at heart. *sigh* So painful, this growing up thing.

So what exactly did I learn today, you ask? Think first, react's not always about you, be selfless once in a while.



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    1. Aww....thanks a bunch, you have awesome style. Followed!

  2. Hello dear,
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    have a nice day!

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    1. Followed! Love your any lover of grey's is awesome in my mind :D


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