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Day 1: introduction/15 interesting facts

What better time to start than now?

Hi! I'm Belinda. 24. Nigerian. I suck at introductions.

1.I'm 5ft 10inches, and I sometimes wish I was born tiny so I'd be perfect for hugs and carrying around. I'm however a giant of a girl.

2. I'm a Kanye Stan!!!!!! Like, STAN!!!! At the karaoke bar, I'm the girl you pass the mic to when a Kanye song comes on. Wanna know any fun Ye fact? I'm your girl. He's so awesome it's almost illegal. And dude is stylish for YEARSSSS!!! *sighs* Moving on...

3. I'm a light sleeper. All you have to do to get me to wake up is say my name. And when I'm up, I'm up. Worst.

4. I love heels and I own quite a number of them. But at the end of the day, I'm a flats girl. Comfort over fashion jor.

5. I believe I should have been born in another century. I'm so old-fashioned, I worry myself sometimes. The longer the hemline, the more comfortable I feel. Courting as opposed to "let's go with the flow"...yeah, I would have done well with my parasol-carrying sisters.

6. Fayrouz has to be like THE drink! Pineapple flavor takes away all sorts of pain. Some haters call it a struggle drink, but I know better :)

7. I have an obsession with all things white. Everything looks better in white...everything except cars.

8. I'm a reader. I can read 3 books in a day if I'm left alone.

9. I love words. And people that can play with words, spell them properly, make beautiful sentences with them are my heroes :)

10. Sarcasm. It gets me every time! And if you've mastered the skill of sarcasm, I'll submit to you oh noble one.

11. House M.D. I love. Why? Refer to #10. No fictional character does Sarcasm as awesomely as House. If you disagree, kindly point me in the direction of this Sensei, that I too may submit to such great talent.

12. I'm scared of heights.

13. Ice-cream for the pain. There's no pain ice-cream cannot take away.

14. I'm a believer in makeup and all, but I'm not sure if it's laziness or something else....I just hardly wear any. A clean, moisturised face and I'm on my way.

15. I'm scared of animals. Yes, dogs too. :(

This picture was taken a few minutes ago. I'm ready for bed. Bon nuit!

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