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Ladies Who Lunch

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food" - George Bernard Shaw

 I LOVE food. This past weekend, I had lunch with friends and I ate like CRAZAY! No jokes.

We started off at Ember Creek on Awolowo road in Ikoyi. It was empty when we got there, and I heard it usually is that way until the sun goes down, then it comes alive. There was a big stage for plays and musical presentations, a very "long" bar which I loved, and comfy chairs to relax in.

We started off with drinks, and then I had fish and chips. Half way through my meal, I found a dead cockroach in my plate. I was lost for words, so much so that I just kept laughing. I mean, I've heard a gazillion stories about people finding flies and things in their food but I had never experienced it. My friend, Lamide, took it upon herself to sort the situation out, seeing as I was incapable of handling it. She got the Manager's attention and showed him the dead roach. He apologized and brought another plate of food for me. Considering it was my first time there, it was a bit disappointing. A "bit" because the Manager apologized nicely, with free drinks. Who says no to free drinks? Exactly!

Belinda, Tinuola, Lamide

Next, we went to Ice Cream Factory because I needed to satisfy my cookie craving. Ice Cream Factory is a story for another day because, believe me, once I start I won't stop.

Loving the orange shoes!
Denim Business
My Girl Shaniqua showing off some skin. LOL.

After my cookie fix, ALL MY LADIES (*insert etighi here*) and I went to Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel. We had more drinks and another round of chips, but this time with chicken wings. Yum.

Ripped and Laced

Belinda: Jersey Tank Dress: Cotton Club via Indigo // Sleeveless Denim Shirt: Audrey Ann via Indigo // Bag: Zara

Tinuola: Dress: Locally made // Bag: Coach

Lamide: Denim Shirt: H&M // Skinnies: Primark // Shoes: Random shoe shop in london // Bag: Ted Baker

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