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Beauty on a Budget

Hi Guys!

Today's post features Guest Blogger Anu Adebayo of Pencil Goddess. I recently got interested in all things makeup and as a newbie, I figured it would be best to start my foray into the makeup world from the roots and with as little a dent as possible to my wallet. This is where Anu comes in. Enjoy!


Over the years, as my interest and unrepentant love for all things fashion increased, I realized the players in the fashion industry in Nigeria (Designers, Tailors, Stylists, Fashion writers, Makeup Artists etc) didn’t exactly make it easy for us- if you looked into a typical Nigerian Fashion magazine you’ll probably see Bottega Venetta bags, Jimmy Choos and the rest of the Saks Fifth Avenue occupants. Even some Makeup artists will tell you MAC, Black Up is the way to heaven simply because its expensive and seems to give an illusion of quality or class. I have absolutely no intentions of killing anyone’s star but whatever happened to Quality yet Affordable fashion?

Because I'm not a liar, I won’t tell you I don’t have a MAC product or a Ferragamo bag I saved for and bought (and I’ll probably use for the next 50 years and maybe pass on to my daughter) but my argument and the lie we have all fallen victim to is that it has to be expensive before it is good.
Amongst various things that I do, I’m a Makeup Artist and I’ve been through a journey of ‘product-discovery’, I have people calling me and asking if they should use MAC or Iman or Black Up and sometimes I wonder, “Am I the creator of all these products? Am I supposed to have a laboratory somewhere that tests all these products?” But I realized that if I claim to be a Makeup artist then I should know ALL there is to the business; a doctor hasn’t used all the antibiotics in the world but because he’s supposed to be ‘educated’ in that field, then he should know.

So what I do is read on these products, read what they are made up of and even use some of them. And one thing I learnt is that “the more expensive it is DOESN’T necessarily make it better for you”. However, I can never undermine the concept of good quality oh! As in, NEVER!

Below are a few of the products that I swear by; I'm serious, I use them almost every day and they cost almost nothing:

·Johnson Baby wipes:- Yes, baby wipes! There are a lot of wipes in the market and, trust me, I have used a lot. I even used the one that I had to be begging my family and friends in the UK to buy for me when they are coming because I couldn’t find it here or because it was too expensive. I have used the one that has cucumber, apricot, Olive, Anti-aging, pore cleansing ETC but since I discovered this N350 Baby wipes, I’ve had no issues with it- Its affordable, lasts a few weeks (even if I make up for people every weekend) and no one has ever complained that they reacted to it (I mean its baby wipes so no harsh ingredients).

·Milani Concealer:- I don’t have an even complexion so I sometimes used 2 different shades of foundation to even my complexion, but then I found this concealer. I have seen this concealer at different prices; I guess it depends on how much the retailer wants to make but it’s NOT above N2, 000. It covers spots and is not oily.

·Mary Kay Foundation:- Mary Kay foundation has NEVER failed me, and I’ve been using it for YEARS. I’ve never used any other foundation, even when I’m experimenting with powders. I get it for just N1, 700 or N1, 800. And none of my clients has complained either. NOTE- Please look out for imitations, it’s better to buy from a proper Makeup shop or a makeup artist who is also a retailer.

·Davis Pencil:- DAVIS Pencil, (comes in other colors too) which is sold for just N100 is from heaven. I have used different brands of pencil for my brows but Davis works for me. I even saw it when I went to Dubai (maybe that’s where they make it sef). NOTE; I can only vouch for the brown brow pencils oh, not sure about their colored pencils (I tried the blue and it was rubbish).

·Black Mascara from Primark:- there are other Mascaras I use often and they are great. But for me personally this Volume Boost Mascara that cost me an equivalent of N500 works wonders and does wonders for my lashes. I don’t even have to use a curler; just work it from the roots of my lashes and out to the tip, you’ll think I used false lashes. It’s very black, thick and doesn’t dry up anyhow.

·Khajal- I have never known the real name of this thing but I think I’ve been using this khajal forever. The highest I’ve ever paid for this thing is N300; it stays all day when you use it and as if it never finishes in the tube. The last tube I bought had to break, separate into 2 but I continued oh! It’s only until it started staining all the important things in my bag that I threw it away.

·Lip gloss- I love this Black opal lip gloss because it is thick and can stay on your lips for hours. I discovered it in 2009 and it’s since been my number 1 choice for clear lip gloss. Cost N1, 000.

If you’re always looking for quality yet affordable products like me learn to ask a lot of questions; if you step into a makeup shop ask all the questions that you can (that is what the Lady at the counter is for, don’t allow her treat you as if you’re a pest, you’re a paying customer); find the product that works for you and not just the one that is popular. And when you find those products, kindly stick to them and you’ll be fine.

Enjoy being beautiful without selling your left hand : )

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