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Feeling Blue, Wear Blue

I agree, it'll probably do you no good to wear blue when you're down in the dumps, but you have to agree with me that there's something about color that makes an otherwise gloomy situation a teeny weeny bit bearable.

Case in point, the day I took the pictures in today's post, the dreaded Aunt Ruby had just made an appearance. I was moody, irritable and about as cheerful as a pile of cow dung. But I knew I had to face my kids in church and be as happy and entertaining as in line with my "if you don't feel it, fake it" motto, I wore this cobalt blue blazer with my trusty brogues. Ain't nobody bringing on the heel action when Aunt Ruby siree!

Next time you're in a dark gloomy place and you need some color, you know who else works? JESUS.

Psalm 30:5 reminds us that though weeping may endure for the night, joy comes with the morning. So hang in there...your morning is just a night away.

Blazer & Ring: Indigo // Shirt: Can't remember :( // Brogues: New Look

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