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My Worst Nightmare

*Arrggghhh* I scream. It's my worst nightmare all over again. Same as yesterday. And the day before. Quite frankly, I have a slightly different version of the same nightmare every other day. In it, I'm trying to get get dressed and go out but can't seem to find ANYTHING to I have no clothes. Ok, I have a wardrobe filled with clothes, but they all look unappealing...nothing in there I want to wear. The clothes I DO want to wear are probably hanging on a rack in a store somewhere, yet to be purchased by me. *sigh*. Challenges.
It's sunday morning. One can't go shopping right now, can one? Besides, one can't really afford to if one's kinda broke at the moment. More challenges.

I've been staring at my clothes for 20minutes. I can't be late for sunday school. The consequences...severe. I pick the first skirt I see and search for a top to go with it. My shoes are already in the car...that's sort of the norm when you practically live in your car.

Somehow I end up not looking too shabby. Not bad for rush rush, no?

Top: Yaba market // Skirt & Shoes: Primark

Anyone spy the picture of Pastor Adeboye in the background? You can tell I made it to church ;)

Have a lovely week guys.


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