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Mini Makeup Haul

Hi Guys!

How's everyone living?
I've been on the hunt for the perfect foundation for a while now. I've tried Mac's Matchmaster foundation, Mary Kay's liquid foundation and Sleek's Creme to Powder foundation, and while they were good, I just never experienced that "hallelujah" "out of this world" feeling when I used any of them.

So, one Saturday morning, I decided I was going on the quest for the perfect foundation. I started my quest at the MAC Store, being a faithful MAC girl. I was willing to try anything but the Matchmaster as I already have a bottle of it and was not too impressed. The sales lady that attended to me was patient, I'll have to give her that. She listened to all my wants and "don't wants" and decided that the studio fix foundation was the best option for me.

She did her magic and when I looked in the mirror I was stunned. I looked like a ghost. I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I told her I was going to take a walk around to let it settle, then decide if to buy or not.

My next stop was the Black Up store, where the really pretty sales lady informed me that the foundation I had on was "not my color" and quickly set about finding me the right color. She tried the fluid foundation on me and I fell in love. It provides medium to full coverage, I didn't get oily for hours and it gave my face this lovely matte finish. *sigh* I've finally found "The One".

While at the MAC store, I picked up the eyebrow pencil in "spiked" and the concealer in NW45. I LOVE these two and I've finally been able to create the perfect eyebrow with these babies.

What makeup item has been on your wishlist for a while and which have you recently purchased that's got you in cloud nine? Share girls!


  1. Lol @ look like a ghost! Mary kay has never failed me though
    My latest makeup item is the Hard Candy CC Cream- after I read a review about the product a while ago I knew I had to be faithful to my makeup course and get it. The idea was to JUST try it& write a review but like pringles, once I popped I couldn't stop so now I almost have an empty tube! need to get another FAST! Lol

    1. To be honest, I'd rather use the mary kay foundation than MAC's Matchmaster. It's a very good budget friendly foundation.

      Hard candy right? I'm running to google now.

      Thanks for sharing love :*

  2. Did you take a picture after applying the Black up foundation? Please like a ghost, some people really don't know how to pick out things for different skin tones and don't know how to blend. Glad you found the one!

    1. No I didn't, but I definitely will the next time I use it. I guess she's more of a sales girl than a make-up artist. My mistake was assuming she knew what she was doing.


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