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The "F" Word

Hi Guys,

Yesterday's open heavens devotional "Watch for the Signs" really spoke to me. There are some things I've been believing God for and showing great faith too (in my mind o) but really, how will anyone know I have faith about a certain issue? Just saying it isn't enough. It's my "works" that will show God how big, small or non-existent my faith really is, then he will go ahead and do his part.

Forgive me for using the marriage example, not everyone is crazy about marriage like me, but it's the most recent example I have so far. My friend got married on Saturday. As at January this year, she was just leaving a bad relationship and had no boyfriend. Yet she went to try on wedding dresses and picked hers. We picked colors for the day, colors for the asoebi and I went to the market and got quotes. She went ahead and told people she was getting married in December 2013. She had picked a date and it was left for God to do the rest. And he did, didn't he? 3 months before her time.

John 14:13 says "And I will do whatever you ask in my name..." God does not lie. All you need is faith. Have it, and show it to him. He will do his part. You want a car? Have you bought car keys? I bought mine months before I even got my car. You don't have money but you want to go to school? Have you applied to schools and for scholarships? Ask, take huge steps in faith, thank him in advance, then watch for the signs 'cause he will answer.

I'm off to do some wedding dress shopping :)



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