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We've been Liebstered!

Hi Guys!
Diary of a Fashion Enthusiast was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by Liv of FashStyleLiv and I'm so excited. Thanks Liv!!! It's my first blog award....yaaaaaay me! The Liebster Award targets blogs with great content yet a not so huge following, hoping to give them more exposure.


1. Give a shout out to the person who nominated you and link back to them.

2. Post 11 things about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

4. Nominate 11 more blogs and link them in your post (preferably blogs that have less than 200 followers either on Bloglovin or Facebook) and create 11 questions for them to answer.

5. Make sure you let them know they have been Liebstered via your social media of choice.

11 Things About Me

1. I love the color white, and an all-white outfit does it for me anyday. There's just       something fresh about white.

2. I'm extremely shy.

3. When I notice that everyone's doing a particular thing a certain way, I like to do it another way entirely...just to show I can. I'm that stubborn.

4. I'm weird, extremely so I've been told. It's not just one thing, it's a combination of many things.

5. I exhibit the highest level of road rage known to man. I'm a wonderful driver. Where wonderful loosely translated means erratic, crazy and vicious.

6. I love music.

7. You can't tell me nothing, Kanye is the beeswax as far as I'm concerned. See what I did there? Hehe. A tad bit delusional with all the Yeezus talk, but I love him, faults and all.

8. If you don't leave this page remembering anything about me, remember this. I love Amala and Ewedu soup. A bottle of bitter lemon to go with it, and you have my heart. Seriously. No jokes. I'm that easy.

9. I like doing things for people, surprising them, making them them that thing they've been wanting since forever. Seeing them's so worth it.

10. I cry at the end of romance movies. Every single time, even if it's my hundredth time seeing the movie. *sigh*

11. I'm very opinionated and sometimes (ok, most times) I argue beyond reason. I like to be right. Bad habit that I'm working on.

11 Questions from Liv

1. Would you consider blogging as a full time job?

Yes I would, if it could generate enough income to cover the bills and allow me live comfortably, I definitely would.

2. What is your ideal relaxation spot or place?

My room...on my bed with a good book or a hard drive with tons of movies/series and something to snack on.

3. If you had to eat the same meal everyday for a month, what would you choose?

Beans and plantain all day every day! I cannot explain my love for beans and fried plantain. I've eaten beans and plantain everyday for 7 days, what's a month to me?

4. What's your favourite blogging tip?
Hmmm. I think interacting with your followers/the people that spend a minute reading your blog is important. Reading and replying comments, it makes it personal and you get to connect on a level that's not just blogger/reader.

5. If you were given an option to live elsewhere for a year, where would you choose and why?
Greece. It's such a beautiful place from the pictures and videos I've seen. Who wouldn't love to wake up to a spectacular view every morning?

6. What was your childhood aspiration to achieve when you grow up?

To be a police officer. Then my mum heard and almost passed out. LOL. Nigerian Police Officers make the profession almost a taboo. I guess I grew up watching too much TV, and hey, since I can't exactly be a part of the Power Rangers, why not be a police officer? However, I'm just a boring banker.

7. What is one beauty/makeup item you can't live without?

Chai, just one? Eyeliner.

8. Where do you usually blog the most?

At work (covers face).

9. What is your pet peeve?

I think I have a very slight case of OCD, but I hate it when people touch their noses, cough or sneeze and don't go straight to the rest room to wash their hands. I just can't deal with that. Germs everywhere, you know?  -_____-

10. What's the best advice you have ever received?

It's ok to listen to what people think, their opinions about what you're going through and how you should behave at any given time. When you're done listening, do whatever you want to anyway :)

11. Do you feel like you are living your dream or on your way to living it?                                          

No I'm not living my dream, but I've mapped out a plan and in a couple of months I'll be on my way.

Questions to everyone I have Tagged
1. Would you consider blogging as a full time job)?

2. What's your number one guilty pleasure?

3. If you won a million dollars, how would you spend it ?

4. What's number one on your bucket list?

5. What's your fave fashion item at the moment?

6. Which makeup/beauty item can't you live without?

7. Which country would you love to visit or revisit and why?

8. What's the most expensive item in your wardrobe?

9. What's number one on your wish list?

10. Who's your favourite artist and song?

11. Android or iOS?

And the nominees are...

Running in Style

Hope you guys had as much fun reading this post as I had answering the questions.



  1. Congratulations!!

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist's, foodie's, & writer's blog in development.

  2. Yes to beans and plantain all day everyday!


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