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Posted by / Monday, January 13, 2014 / 4 Comments

Sequins and Tulle - An OOTD


There's something about this skirt that gets me all giddy and excited. Maybe it's 'cause I can twirl and twirl and when the layers of my skirt fan out, I feel like a little girl again. Or maybe it's the poofiness of the skirt, got me feeling like a princess in a ball gown. I love it! Granted, it draws a couple of weird glances when I walk down the road, but who cares? What do they know? Haha.

Ok, seriously tho. This skirt and I are a thing. We're into each other. We're in love. *sighhhh*

I wore this skirt again, and this time on the outside :)


Top: Debra's grace // Skirt: ASOS // Shoes: Nino Style //Bag: Maju // Earrings: Indigo

So...from Skirt and I to you, ciao!

Kisses xxx


  1. You look so lovely and the skirt is to die for. How do I follow your blog?

    1. Thanks a bunch maggie :) You can follow via bloglovin' - , twitter - @mytrc , instagram @diaryofafashionenthusiast


  2. Awww! Look who I met yesterday! Was nice to meet you to this skirt!! I should own one...I know Asos delivers here now but I've given up on them. delay for me n later they refund and say sold out #sigh! Mayb I should try using ur acct to a share holder! lol.. lovely blog btw...I'd follow u now. av a great day

    1. Lol @ shareholder! Nice meeting you too hun! I'll check the site to see if it's still available and let you know. Alternatively, you can find out from @tounaj she should have them for sale.


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