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Posted by / Saturday, April 12, 2014 / 2 Comments

Little Red Dress ft. A Hair Review


I have missed you guys and I have missed blogging so much! I was trying to switch hosts to bring you a better reading experience but wordpress does not support payments from Nigeria, so I've been trying to figure out what to do for about 2 months now. When it started to look like too much of a "long tin", I decided to put it on hold. If I find a way out somehow, I'll upgrade. Until then, you're stuck with this :)

Today's OOTD is a Little Red Dress, shift style, and I got it from Debra's Grace Store in Yaba. Stay tuned for a post on Debra's do NOT want to miss it!  The neckpiece, which I am absolutely in love with, is from my all-time fave place to shop, Indigo Boutique.

A little something extra is a review on the hair I have on. It's Bee Daisy Hair and it is so lush! I'm in love! My friend had on a full head (2 bundles) of 11 inches and I kept stealing glances at her hair and touching it...thick and supple and it held its curls pretty well, at the same time soft to the touch. Gasssh. I knew I had to get it. This is my second intall and I'm loving it.

  • Thick and supple.
  • Low maintenance. All I do is comb it out, I do not use anything on it, no product at all yet it stays glossy.
  • Holds curls beautifully. I curl about once in two weeks and all I need do is give it a good comb out and it literally bounces.
  • 8inches is not too short, when not curled it hits the neck.
  • A full head comprises of 2 bundles and believe me when I say it's really a FULL head. Except you're going for Ty Bello typa full, this will work fine for you.
  • Minimal to Zero shedding.
  • Pretty affordable. I got the full head for N35,000
  • Because it's full and thick, you need to spend a little time combing out the hair properly else it'll tangle and we cannot have that, can we?
With these points, I hope I have convinced you that you need to jump on the Bee Daisy Hair Bandwagon.




  1. Contacts for hair pls!!! My Mom will love ett!

    Thefashionengineer. Com

    1. You can call 08062502233 or follow her on instagram @beedaisyhair. Your mum will love def it!


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