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D.O.F.E goes to Ghana

Hi Guys!

I was in Ghana during the easter break and it was amazing. This was my second trip but I must confess, it was so much more fun than my first. Thinking about it, I didn't do anything major or out of this world, infact I spent most of the time eating, lazing around my room and at the beach/poolside but it was still the best. But you guys know how much food makes me happy, so any vacation involving lots of food is the best to me.

We also visited the Kakum National Park in Cape Coast, where we went on the Canopy's literally 7 narrow bridges constructed with twine and a wooden board, 250m above ground on the Canopy layer. I was all sorts of scared in the beginning, especially 'cause I'm scared of heights, but I survived!

I went with a couple of friends and we stayed at the Labadi Beach Hotel, a beautiful and unassuming hotel beside the beach in Labadi, Accra. My room was comfortable and well stocked, the staff were so welcoming and eager to help, the food was the best...the buffet breakfast was the absolute best.

Warning: This post is picture heavy!!!

 My friends are the craziest...

 Nice way to get us to the airport. 

 The Canopy Walkway...250m above ground

If you haven't been already, you need to visit Ghana sometime soon I tell you!




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