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Posted by / Thursday, May 15, 2014 / 2 Comments

What's in my Bag

Hi Guys!

Today's post is a what's in my bag post. I carry a lot of junk in my bag, I won't even lie to you...but this was a good day and I thought I'd share with you. 


1. Makeup Purse: I have a bad habit of carrying a lot of my makeup with me as I'm out of the house really early everyday and I don't wear any make up till I get to work. As a result, a lot of my lipsticks have melted (sobs) so I won't be carrying this around as much anymore.

2. Purse: My cash, business cards, Bank cards and Discount cards can be found here. Without this single item, I'm literally lost.

3. Novel: I'm literally always reading something...I love reading and when I find that I have a free minute, out comes my book.

4. Hand Cream: Soap & Glory asks us, on the body of this product, to decide if it is the most astonishing hand cream ever and I must confess I do. It's hydrating, non-greasy and non-sticky. It has a nice and subtle scent that isn't overpowering. Definitely ticks all my boxes for a hand cream and I'll definitely be repurchasing.

5. Reading Glasses: or in this case, driving glasses. I'm short-sighted but you'll hardly ever see me wear my glasses except I need to, which is at the movies and in the car. The rest of the time, I squint my way through life.

6. Pencil: Asides for the obvious need to take notes, I have a thing for pencils, especially pretty ones.

7. Biro: For note-taking and constant scribbling, I have this totally ridiculous feathered Ben 10 biro that I carry around everywhere. It helps that it's pretty unique, my colleagues can't steal it :)

8. ID Card: I need this to get into the office every day.

9. Carmex Lip Balm: This might sound a bit weird but my Uncle introduced me to this balm and I love the tingly feel it gives my lips and how smooth it leaves it. A favorite for sure.

10. Car Keys: You can't expect me to explain why I need this :|

11. Tokens: I have 2 of these; one allows me log into my system at work and the other allows me carry out internet banking transactions.

12. Blackberry: I'm still a blackberry addict.

13. iPhone: But I'm more of an apple fan.

14. Perfume: D&G's La Roue De La Fortune was a gift that I totally love and carry everywhere!

15. Hand Sanitizer: I carry this midnight pomegranate sanitizer from bath & body works everywhere I go 'cause I'm the anti-germ queen. Thinking about the amount of harmful germs I come in contact with everyday makes me rub this lavishly!

16. Hair Crab: For holding my hair.

I enjoyed this a lot. If you're interested, tell me what's in your bag.



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