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Posted by / Monday, September 01, 2014 / 4 Comments

Motivation Monday: Own it!

Hi Everybody,

So this is something I've been meaning to start on the blog...something different but relevant to everyone at the same time. We all need a little motivation and if I can add my own 2 cents, why not? Trust me, I need this motivation as much as you do...or maybe you don't? Maybe I'm doing it for myself alone. That works for me too...not every time fashion and beauty, sometimes motivation.

Hehe. Okies, to the point.

If you do not take anything away from this post, remember this; People are tactless and sometimes say hurtful things. Some really do not have a filter and utter everything and anything that comes to their heads. While some are really dealing with major self-worth issues and say mean things to bring others down, thinking this makes them look better. A lot of people are in the latter category.

I recently put on a lot of everyday seven consecutive days will do that to you. It should be mentioned that I look at myself in the mirror everyday and see proof of this. If however I need further justification, the shrinkage of all my clothes provides that. However some people believe that, if they do not lovingly point out the obvious to me, I will never know. I've heard comments from 'OMG OMG OMG you're fat, what are you eating?' to 'Haaaa, you've blown up' to 'Orobo, always adding weight' to 'You want to be like my mummy?'. Gosh. People talk. And as much as I try to thicken the I-don't-care-what-you-say-about-me wall that threatens to suffocate me, these things find a way to penetrate and hurt me sometimes.

Solution? The next time someone says something hurtful or tactless to you, look them up and down, find one thing/area you're better at them and throw it in their faces. Yes, I said it. We can't all get along anyway, right?

For example:

Hater:  'Omg, babe you're so fat now!'
You awesome being: 'Whatever, my weave's flyer than yours anyway'

LOL! Ok, maybe not. However, what you need to know is you are beautiful! You are special. You are different and you have so much to offer. If you don't like something about yourself, you can CHANGE IT! There is NOTHING you cannot do, absolutely nothing!

If your sense of self isn't where it's supposed to be, it's fine. Love yourself anyway. Then build yourself up...nobody else will do it. There is power in the tongue people. Speak words of encouragement to yourself over and over and over again. You are who you (and God) say you are. 

Own it darlings, OWN IT!

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  1. Girl, you are NOT fat! I don't know why Nigerians think it's ok to make someone's weight or complexion a "greeting" "oh my gosh you've added weight" "wow! why are you so skinny are you sick?" "na wa o! you're looking lighter" "hmmm you're black O! what Cream/soap whatever are you using" It annoys me soooooo much!! especially when it's disguised as "concern" then they get confused or angry when you give it right back. For some reason people think i'm "tough" so they just open their mouths and spew verbal sh*t but it does linger. It took me awhile to not let these things bother me and honestly, I'm not even there yet I have just learnt to shrug it off faster (or push it as farrrrrr away from my conscious self as possible) I could say so much more but this is getting too long lol (sorry for the mini rant)
    People need to know that we are all made wonderfully different and that is OK :)

    1. OMG....rant on! It's so annoying! So many times people do this and I jump in to fight for them everytime, it is soooo wrong! Why is it in our nature to bring people down? I personally loooove fat people, they give the best hugs!!! I envy skinny people, they can wear anything! In the beginning I'd smile and try to explain myself but now, nah...I just zone out and ignore it. It is my body, my complexion, my life...go mind yours.

      Thank you sooo much for this! :* :* :*

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