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Posted by / Monday, September 15, 2014 / 4 Comments



Two posts in one day, I'm on a roll oh! Lol.

Anyhoo, I had a really good weekend, spent it with friends and that's always fun. 

The white dress with navy polka dots I have on is from Things Nigerians Love (TNL, the white leather bracelet and the bag are Maju. Sigh. I love Maju with my whole heart but they need to stop making the yummiest bags so I can save my money. Arrgghh. 

Dress: TNL // Bag & Bracelet: Maju // Sandals: Zara // Ring: Maxx // Hair: @beedaisyhair (instagram)

Have an amazing week!

Kisses xxx


  1. Been eyeing this dress and a couple more things from TNL but I'm on a shopping ban. :(
    You look nice :)

    1. :( @ shopping ban. I should get on one of those, I need it.

      Thanks dear!

  2. You look great...I;ve also been eyeing this dress cos I havent purchased anything from TNL and I'm not sure about the quality.Is it a decent material? How about the sizing?
    thanks x

    1. have touched some sore spots. I have shopped TNL a couple of times and have had no major issues. I wear a 12 and I've had to go up to 14 because the bust area always ends up being tight. For this dress, I had to go up 2 sizes! To a 16! However I found that aftet wearing the dress for a couple of hours, it started to get loose. So I probably should have stuck with 14. I also noticed that water touched some of the blue polka dots and the blue color started to run into the white area, now I'm scared to wash the dress.

      Hope this helps you.


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