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MM: Be Extra

Hello Guys,
As you all probably know, I work in a Bank and I interface with a lot of customers on a regular basis. I have this one customer that inspires me a lot for one single reason; he's never afraid to try. For the purpose of this post, we can call him Chief.
Chief started his business at an early age. He was not fortunate enough to have the best education and he was not close to being born with a silver spoon but he worked hard and pushed to get where he is today, which is a quite fantastic place if I do say so. Every time I get to visit him, he talks about his business plans. One thing remains the same, his plans always change. Today he wants to do this, tomorrow it wasn't working out so he's doing that instead. The day after tomorrow that worked, so he's adding this to it. He does not stop when he fails, he analyses, adjusts and moves on to the next thing.
It's easy to come up with so many different ideas/plans, but how many of us actually take the next step, which is execution, setting those plans in motion? It's in our nature as humans to be scared of the unknown, of taking risks. We are so scared of starting something, so we kill our dreams in our minds before they even have time to grow. We are stuck in our paid employment answering to someone that barely made it out of school because we'd rather be safe than entrepreneurs. What if I fail? What if they laugh at me? What if I lose everything I have and everyone I love? Guess what? If all these things happen, you'll learn one more way that doesn't work and you'll try something new and altogether different. No successful person got it right every time. Failure is good! Embrace it. If you have it at the back of your mind that you might fail and you're ok with it, the hard part is over. Besides, success after many failed attempts is so much sweeter than immediate success. Well, to me sha.

So today, I dare you. Do something. Be extra. Make a mistake. Fail. Just stop being so afraid. But if you have to be afraid, be afraid to be ordinary. Ordinary sucks.


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  1. This is so encouraging and true

    1. I come back to read it when I need some motivation :)

      Thanks for reading!


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