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5 Things to do before you go Shopping


You guys agree with me that a lot of times we just get up and go shopping. No prior planning, no thought to it. As much as I agree with the "Just do it" philosophy, I'd say prepare and then do it. 

I am such a big planner and list writer. OMG, I love writing lists. Sometimes the planning process is more fun than the actual event…it requires more work, thought and is more time consuming, while the actual event might be over in minutes…*sigh*. Shopping too requires planning, so you don’t wander around aimlessly or buy unnecessary things.

Before you hit the shops, here are 5 things you must totally do: 

1. Tidy:  You need to tidy up and organise your wardrobe. This gives you an idea of the stuff you need and those you do not. It also helps show you what sort of style you lean towards and if your personality shows through your style. Most importantly, it shows up those clothes you’ve always been looking for and have not worn in a while, or that new skirt that mysteriously disappeared. Yeah.  

2. Sort: Sort out your clothes, those that have not been worn in the past 6 months and those pieces you wonder why you bought in the first place can be given away. Yes, we all have at least one of those. 

3. Mend: Mend all clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery that can be fixed/mended. This way you get more use out of the items you thought were useless and you save money for the more important and essential things. 

4. Wash: Do your laundry! You’ve most likely forgotten the jeans you’ve been looking everywhere for at the bottom of your laundry basket. 

5. Budget: You need to decide how much of your monthly budget you are willing to spend on clothes et al…and you must be reasonable too. As nice as shopping and buying new stuff are, you need to save some and have enough to survive on.

As soon as you do all these, you are more than ready to kick back and shop till you drop.

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