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Posted by / Wednesday, November 19, 2014 / 4 Comments

D.O.F.E goes to the U.A.E.

Heyyy People!

I took some time off work last month for some much needed R & R...and I went to Dubai. This was my second time visiting. The first time, I went with friends but this time I went alone.

People kept asking why, trying to discourage me, insisting that I'll be bored and lonely. I'm used to doing things alone, traveling alone was a first and I'm all for firsts...besides, I was pretty sure I could do it and I did. It was a great experience and I'll do a post on reasons why you should travel alone for all ye chickens. Hehe.

Wild Wadi Water Park:

The Wild Wadi was the last place we visited and the highlight of my whole stay in dubai. Ticket for one adult cost 295AED and we bought food of about 105AED, totaling 400AED (1AED = approx), so almost N19,000 which I would say is kinda pricey, but totally worth it. We went on all the rides, some twice and some just once 'cause I was scared. Lol. H

If you do go to Dubai, please please please I beg you, do not leave without visiting Wild Wadi or its alternative, Aquaventure (at the Atlantis), I hear that's pretty neat too.

Fisho Spa:
Fisho Spa is also in the Wild Wadi Park and it's basically a foot massage where lots of tiny Gararufa fish eat off the dead cells on your feet. It was sooooooo weird and ticklish, I just kept laughing till I could not take it any more. It lasts for 30mins but I only survived 15mins in the tub. Lol. It cost 50AED and I would say do it!

Desert Safari:
I was not exactly thrilled at the thought of riding round the desert staring at sand and more sand, but my friends were psyched about it and it was free for me so I went anyways. It was amazing! We rode till we started to feel slightly nauseous and begged the guide to give us a break. We then went on a very short amel ride (another weird bumpy ride), smoked shisha and had dinner under the stars, while watching belly dancers perform their magic. 

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Waterfall, Dubai Mall

The ceiling in the Dubai Mall

Ski Dubai

Dubai Mall

Abu Dhabi:
Ferrari World

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The Food


The mirrorfies/OOTD:

Asides from these, I visited the musuem, went on a Dhow Cruise, toured the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and learnt their history, went to the jumeirah beach, shopped literally till I dropped, among other stuff.

Dubai is an amazing city, you will need to visit at least once, if you already haven't.The people do not sleep! Like, sometimes I took long walks at 2am (I stayed in a busy part of town so I was safe), there were people everywhere and the supermarkets and fast food shops were open. The one thing I didn't do which I wish I had was swim with the dolphins. I hear that's a pretty awesome experience too. If you do go, please do it.

Anything/place I missed? Any reason for me to pay another visit? Share share!




  1. Yay!!! Finally! All that food tho *drools*

    1. Lol. Hey foodie *waves* *kisses* I took your advice and ate well, no diets allowed on vacation :)

  2. I only went to Dubai for the first time this summer and LOVED it. I would definitely go there alone and in 5 days I put on like 2 or 3 kilos. Sigh

    1. Lol...I'm even shy to say how much weight I put on. Glad you loved it :)

      Btw, I'm in LOVE with your blog!


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