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Posted by / Monday, November 10, 2014 / 8 Comments

The Foodie: Pattaya Oriental Restaurant

Hi Guys!

If you do not know anything about me already, I'm pretty sure you know one thing: I LOVE food. 

I love to eat and sometimes I go out to try food I haven't before, revisit my favorite places or just simply chill and eat for the sake of it. I want to share this with you guys and hopefully it's useful when you want to eat out.

Pattaya Oriental Restaurant is located at 30, Adeola Hopewell street, Victoria Island, Lagos...a couple of buildings away from the Nigerian Law School. I have been to Pattaya a couple of times in the past...birthday dinners, date nights...but this time I went for myself. And the blog of course. I went alone, as is fast becoming my usual practice.

I got there at about 5:02pm, made my order at about 5:08pm and chilled for my food. I ordered 2 portions of Prawn Spring Rolls (2 pieces per portion for N850) as appetizer and a large glass of Chapman (N900 or N1,000, I can't remember).

For the mains, I ordered the Talay Pad Char (stir fried seafood with freshly crushed chillies and garlingale served in a hot plate for N3,950) alongside half portion each of Khao Pahd Koong (fried rice with prawns for N1,875) and Khao Pahd Moo (fried rice with chicken for N1,875).

So, let's talk business. I'd rate each parameter over 10, then find an average to determine the real score.

Quality/Taste/Culinary experience: The people of Pattaya know what good food should taste like. Please! I can still taste the yummy prawn rolls and that amazing sauce. Dear Lord, 10/10 please!

Ambience/Atmosphere: Great atmosphere, clean environment, quiet and private. Great place to chill and have drinks and catch up with friends. 9/10

Service: In terms of courteous and polite staff, I'd say great service. However, it took almost 50mins for my food to be served after I made my order, so service in my opinion dropped to a low of 3/10. I get that everything needs to taste fresh, but at the cost of your guests walking out the door? Nah mehn. They need to do a lot of work on that.

Variety: There was a lot of variety as regards the menu, from Duck to Chicken, Fish, Crab, Lobster, Prawn and Beef meals. Solid 10/10.

Pricing/Affordability: In total, I paid N12,000+, inclusive of service charge, for a meal of one. Can the average lagosian afford to eat here? Most definitely not. I cannot afford to eat out much if I have to pay N12,000 each time I do. However, this meal would have satisfied 2 people 'cause I could not eat up to half of it and trust me, I tried. I took the rest home and my mum had a feast. So next time I'd probably eat half of what I had and pay about N6,000 which is pretty much ok but still slightly above average. So for pricing, I'd rate Pattaya 5/10.

On the average, Pattaya stands at 7.4/10. Would I go back? Yes, definitely.




  1. I absolutely loved this review and you should do more although my mouth is currently watering as we speak...i need to visit Pattaya when next I am home...x

    1. Lol @ currently watering, glad I did that. You must visit next time, the food is that good.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. :o food looks so good!! I need to stop slacking and visit Pattaya. Unfortunately, pricing is the issue with a lot of places :(

    1. @pricing, I know right? You should still visit and then it'll be a once in a while place for you. Lol.

      Thanks for reading :*

  3. So, this looks really really good. Now I understand why people say they get hungry after reading my reviews. What camera do you use? what was that first thing in the first picture?

    1. LOL...and your pictures make me hungry all the time! They are tortilla chips served with some type of sweet dip. I use a Nikon D3100, but these pictures were not taken with the kit lens but with a 50mm f1.8G lens.

    2. Ehnehn, you use the same camera I use and the same lens too. When I saw the chapman, it looked so similar to one of my chapman pictures, now I know why!

    3. Loool...really??? Such a coincidence. Now you know :)


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