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Posted by / Monday, December 01, 2014 / 2 Comments

Lost in Lagos


I heard about the Lost in Lagos exhibition from a friend 'cause she planned to showcase her products, but other than from her, I didn't see any advertisement anywhere else. I believe getting the message out on all channels would have brought more people to the event, but there was still a healthy enough turnout.

As with any other shopping event, there were so many things on display, so much to buy and my favorite, enough food! Lol.


   Bubbles & Scents

    Can't remember their name but they had these funky pillows

   Intimate Pleasures (@naijadesires)

    Always me by Anne Li (@alwaysmebyanneli) 

    Cafe Neo where I had the yummiest croissants and bubble tea

    And Froyo!

Happy New Month guys! Make the best of the rest of the year :)



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