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The Boyfriend Edit


My love for all things Boyfriend is already well known to you, so no need for an introduction.

Today, I just thought to share some of my fave Boyfriend pieces.

The Boyfriend Shirt:
Because easy to wear and will hide a multitude of sins, such as a far from flat tummy after over-indulging in an amazing lunch/dinner.

The Boyfriend Jeans:
Errmmm, because see above. Also, these can literally be stepped into, as opposed to the regular madness that ensues while one tries to "fit" into ones skinny jeans. This is bliss.

The Boyfriend Watch:
Aha! You didn't know this one right? Lol. I have a thing for watches with big faces and as a result, I like watch-shopping the men's section. A few of my favorite picks from Invaluable, an amazing website where you can shop Men's watches, are:

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Which Boyfriend trend has got your heart?


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