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The Foodie: Cactus/Rhapsody's Restaurant


Remember how I said my sisters and I had lunch at Cactus on the 25th of December? Yeah, this is the post I promised. Cactus Restaurant is my go to breakfast place in Lagos, they do the most amazing breakfast spread ever and it's so filling too. Next time I go, I'll share pictures and if you haven't been there yet, you need to give it a shot.

My sisters were craving burgers on this day and after tossing around a couple of options, we settled on Cactus, as one of them had never been there. Cactus virgin *yaaaay*. Lol. If you don't already know, Cactus is located at 20/24 Ozumba Mbadiwe street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

They both had the Cheese Burger, which came with a side of fries and coleslaw, while I had the Fish Burger...also with fries and coleslaw. 

Cheese Burger

I liked the bread a lot, fresh and thick enough to hold all the goodies in it, best thing, it did not soak up all the juices like some burgers in Lagos *you know where*. My sisters ewwww-ed when I chose the Fish Burger (I love fish and I was craving a fish meal soooo bad) but when our meals came, they were begging to taste mine. 

The chips were just the right shade of crisp....and the juices in that burger...yum! We had Chapman and Lemonade drinks with our food. Our bill came to about N14,000 inclusive of VAT. I think the Cheese ones were N3,300 and the Fish N3,600...the drinks N600 each and the rest was Tax.

Fish Burger

 After driving around for a while and taking pictures, we headed to Rhapsody's for dessert. None of us had ever had a meal there, I'd been there for drinks but not food, so we thought it would be a good idea.

My sister, Joan,  and I had Death by Chocolate....basically moist freshly baked almond brownies served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a drizzling of peanut butter sauce. *Sigh* I won't lie, this is aptly was heaven on earth. They do not have so many dessert options, but I beg you, please whenever you visit, try this. 

Death by Chocolate

My other sister, Vanessa, had the Oreo Overload; vanilla ice-cream sandwiched between two oreo cookies. It was really really good too, but my Death by Chocolate anyday abeg.

Oreo Overload

Each dessert cost N1,500, not bad right? As I type this, I'm mentally picking a date to visit Rhapsody's again. This time, I'll have a proper meal with dessert. If you want to visit, Rhapsody's is at 19a Agoro Odiyan street, off Adeola Odeku street, Victoria Island and at the Ikeja City Mall in Alausa.




  1. Who sent me to come to your blog? Why are you trying to destroy my life? I love cactus' Festival salad, now you want me to go there and be eyeing burger on the menu?! ENEMIES oh! I already know I will succumb to this temptation *sigh*

    1. Lmaaaoooo....Anu!!! The Festival Salad is soooo good...definitely my best Cactus Salad! Your life can never be destroyed, we must go to Cactus one day soon :)

  2. Heyy! Lovely review. Do check out a cactus /Rhapsody's post on

    Let us know your thoughts.


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