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The Review: YSL Black Opium

Hello Guys!

So...after my perfume fiasco which I shared with you guys HERE, I took several chill pills. I gave my sister the Marc Jacob perfume and kinda sorta used the Chanel one as an air freshener in the car *hides face* and didn't buy anything for a while.

I wanted to give myself something for Christmas and took a trip to my perfume place. I sniffed around and ended up picking Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium, which is supposed to be the rock'n'roll interpretation of the classic Opium. 

THE BOTTLE: The perfume has a black crushed sequin bottle and a clear glass middle through which you can see the far as bottles go, this is quite unique.

THE SMELL: The first thing that hits you when you sniff is the sweet but slightly sharp smell...this is because it has notes of coffee, cedar, orange blossom, mixed with patchouli, vanilla and jasmine. It was love at first sniff.

THE VERDICT: I have used this for about a week and I like that it's very long lasting. It's the type of scent that lingers long after you've left the room, without being overpowering. Although I'm still crushing on the smell, it's beginning to lose its appeal, as I do not quite like the dry's almost sickly sweet from that point and I am NOT a fan of sweet smells. Will I repurchase? Maybe...for when I'm in the mood for a lighter unserious smell. If you're like me, the way to wear this is on something with a stronger base that will even out that sweetness, but if you're a fan of sweet smells, you will totally love this.

PURCHASE: I got this for N14,500 from Beauty and Fragrances. Their stores are at 182/184 Wilberforce House, Broadstreet (the popular Akpogbon bus stop) and at the Trade Fair complex (BBA), Lagos/Badagry Expressway, Lagos. You can also purchase outside Nigeria from Selfridges or Boots.

Hope this helped.




  1. I like the bottle! Does it mean I'm unpopular if I don't know where akpogbon is? Lol. You used the Chanel as "air freshener"? You need to be flogged!

    1. Lol...not unpopular, you just haven't hopped buses as I have. I just couldn't deal with the smell at all, I've given it away now though. As for this bottle, I like a lot too!


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