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Posted by / Monday, February 02, 2015 / 6 Comments

NYX X ELF Makeup Haul

Hi Guys!

I attended the Christmas makeup fair and bought a couple of stuff that I should have shared with you weeks ago. 

After Eyeliner, Lipstick has to be my necessary makeup evil, so it's no surprise that it was pretty much all I got after I checked all the stalls and couldn't find a single sleek dip it eyeliner in black (imagine).

I'd heard a lot about NYX products and I decided to finally give them a try. It also helped that they had such yummy looking lip products on display and I ended up with 2 NYX butter lipsticks and a Hydrating Lippie.

NYX Butter lipstick in Licorice: This is such a yummy yummy yummy colour, easily my favourite of the bunch and it's literally butter on the lips...feels and tastes like butter :D I'm loving darker shades these days and I initially thought it would be too close to MAC's Rebel so I almost didn't buy it. Thank God I changed my mind, 'cause it's such a pretty colour...tends more towards brown than purple. At first it's all buttery and glossy and I was scared I'd end up licking everything off. But after some minutes it dried to a nice texture...not matte, but not glossy...just perfect. The downside is, it tends to bleed and that's largely because of it's buttery nature and it also needs to be reapplied every couple of hours as it isn't as long-lasting as some high end products. For the price though, I think it's a good deal, plus it's super pigmented too. I bought this from Gifty's Daughter (25a Toyin street, Ikeja) and I cannot remember how much I got any of them for :(

NYX Butter lipstick in Mary Janes: This is a bright red, same texture and feel as the licorice...very buttery. I really like this colour because it's different from all my reds in terms of texture and colour/shade and I find myself reaching for it a lot these days. Also got this from Gifty's daughter.

MAC's "La Vie en Rouge: From MAC's 2014 Matte Collection, this lip is a bright coral-red and is not as drying as Ruby Woo or Flat out Fabulous. This applies better on the lips and lasts for a long time too. Also, as is the case with pretty much all MAC lippies, a little goes a long way and you can build up with a couple more swipes if you're all for colour or one swipe and gloss will work for you on a calmer day. Whichever way you choose to go, I'd say try this shade. It's a unique one and I can't exactly say I know any dupes for it which makes it a must have in my books...but if you do, please let me know. I got this from Accessories NG and they're one of my favourite online beaut stores. They stock the largest collection of MAC products and they're all affordable too.

NYX Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippie in Hibiscus Tea Punch: This is pretty much just a "my lips but better" balm. I wear this on days when I don't feel like wearing much but I don't want dry lips. It rolls up and I just glide it on, smack smack and I'm good to go. Literally heaven sent, this chunky dunk and I got it from the Gifty's daughter stall too.

ELF Makeup Mist and Set: Helps set your makeup and gives your face that hydrated look, as opposed to the cake face that typically happens when you've packed so many products on. You can buy from Accessories NG 

L-R: La Vie en Rouge, Licorice, Mary Janes, Hibiscus Tea Punch

Have a lovely week :)



  1. I want la vie en rouge so so bad!

  2. You should do the swatches on your lips so that we can see how they look on but then again i guess your lips are too tiny for that! :p

  3. How do you like the Elf spray? I currently use urban decay and Nyx setting spray.

    1. This is my first setting spray and i've used it like twice, I don't think it made my makeup last any longer than usual...maybe after a couple more uses. I love the dewy finish it gives though and for that I'd definitely repurchase, 'cause my foundation is matte and can look a bit cakey sometimes. I'd love to try other brands, how're the urban decay and nyx ones?


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