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Posted by / Monday, February 09, 2015 / 4 Comments

OOTD: Wedding Saturday


It's another Monday and you're probably not in the mood to get back to work and be sober and serious. However, there's good news for you. Friday is only 4 days away :) And the best part of this weekend is, it's Valentine's weekend...Yaaay.

Ok, I'm currently #TeamAlone (note how I skipped Forever, 'cause I believe this will change soon...hehe) and so I'm not really pumped about Valentine's. Even when I was in a relationship, I was never really pumped 'cause I think there's too much pressure associated with the whole day. Pressure to give a better gift than the last time, to spend more money, to do something more unique and not your average...too much pressure and I can never deal. So being single right now, I'm not complaining at all...I get to save some money :) My friends in relationships though, they're stuck on what to buy their Significant Others and with Valentine's being just 5 days away, they need help ASAP. Any ideas/suggestions/thoughts you wanna share? What are you getting your SO? Please let me know in the comment box. Thank you!

On Saturday, I attended 2 weddings (yes 2, that's how we roll in Lagos, with everyone getting married every weekend) and the outfit below is what I wore. After, I hung out with my friends...we had dinner and drinks at RSVP,  I'll share details from that with you in another post.

Dress: Debra's Grace N // Shoes: @oyeyemiajayi on instagram // Pearl Bangles: Circa 64 // Neckpiece: ALDO // Sunglasses: Accessories 2 Die 4

Sidebar: I received an email from someone addressing me as Debra's Grace and asking why I have not been open at the times I said I would. As nice as it sounds, I actually don't own Debra's Grace and I do not work there, I'm just a regular customer (lol). If you have a question, you can contact them on instagram @debrasgrace or call 01-2916950.




  1. Dash me this dress please.......really what are friends for! hehehe! And as for Valentine, election or not, it is still a no movement day for me! All waka shall be shifted to Sunday as there would be human traffic almost everywhere I can't deal with the madness abeg, 2014 Vals I spent hours trying to get in and out of Eko hotel, NOT my portion this year

    1. LMAO...friends are for dashing clothes abi? I go tink am. I know, I hate going out on that day too, ditto on the human traffic, I can NEVER deal. I will be in meetings all day anyway, so it's ok.


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