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Posted by / Saturday, March 28, 2015 / 8 Comments

The Beauty Boon X MAC Lipstick Haul


I find that I'm doing a lot of beauty posts lately and it's really surprising, considering I'm primarily a fashion blogger and I can pretty easily go days without wearing ANY makeup. My love for lipsticks however keeps pulling me in and I'm not even complaining.

The other day, my sister was buying makeup online and she buzzed me to check some of the stuff out (such an enabler!). Of course I found something I wanted. MAC's Heroine has been on my want list for a while now and I've given myself so many reasons why I do not need it. We ended up getting both Sin and Heroine from The Beauty Boon.

L-R: MAC Heroine and Sin

Both lipsticks are matte, however I found Heroine to be more forgiving to my cracked's not too drying and applies smoothly, how matte should be.  Sin on the other hand applies same as Ruby Woo...very dry and sinks into every crack in your lip. It's still a lovely color regardless and I think exfoliating and adding a touch of balm to soften the lips before applying Sin will do a world of good.

Got both for N5,000 each, which is expected in light of the current FX situation. It'll take some getting used to though.

Anyone tried any of these lipsticks? I would love to know your thoughts.



  1. Yay! You finally got Heroine. Love! Its a chameleon like colour. I've had Sin on my list (yes I have a list of lipsticks I want) for a while but I think I own a dupe (or several similar colours so I'm holding off...absolutely nothing fun about being 'responsible')
    Another long comment x_x sorry!

    1. You know how long I've been on it...cannot wait to wear it. I have a virtual list too, so you're not alone :)
      Btw, I like long comments, so thank you!


  2. Your photos look so lovely!!😍...I am really tempted by Heroine but I don't know if I can pull it off just yet!!...xx

    1. Awwww thank you hun! Coming from you, that's a huge compliment. I think like Anu said below, keeping every other thing light, it can be pulled off.

  3. I just got heroine too...loving it so far.

  4. I have a dupe for heroine and I love it however its not a shade I can rock often. And I noticed the rest of your makeup should be 'bright' when using shades of purple and wine highlight properly, use a soft eyeshadow and blush etc. Except you're going all out gothic of course

    1. Hey Girl!
      Thanks for the heads up. Will try to make it as rockable as possible.


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