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Posted by / Monday, March 30, 2015 / 10 Comments

The Denim Shirt Series - Jeggings

Hi Guys!

I've been wanting to do a post on Denim Shirts  for a while now, seeing as I have quite a number of them, a very unhealthy and unexplainable obsession. Thanks to Segi of ForStyleSake and her posts on The White Shirt Series which I'm really enjoying, I decided to give this a go.

Like white shirts, The Denim Shirt is pretty easy to style and can be worn with pretty much anything to almost anywhere. Talk about versatility. I started this blog because I wanted to show people ways to look good on a budget; making the most of the pieces you already have in your wardrobe. I know I've gotten pretty carried away with other things but nothing like a denim shirt to bring me back to the point...and I want to believe that almost everyone (or at least 95%) owns at least 1 denim shirt.

The first way you can wear yours is with Jeggings. 

Shirt: Max @ The Palms N4,000 // Jeggings: Balogun Market N1,500 // Shoes: Zara €49.95

I opted for heels because I didn't want the outfit to look boring, but on a regular day, I'll be replacing the heels with flat shoes/sandals/slippers depending on where I'm headed. This is pretty much my every day look...I literally live in Denim Shirts and Jeggings, because comfort. 

P.S: Look how I'm all smiles for the camera, you can tell how much I love my photographer (hey joey girl! :* :* :* )

Have an amazing week!



  1. My fellow denim shirt addict! Love the look

  2. I love the sandals... So going to look for them... I am also a denim shirt addict, I keep buying more. Rock them on everything from skirts to dresses (Unlimited.

    1. I know...they're so addictive! You should definitely get the shoes, too too pretty :)

  3. The whole look is gorgeous and the Zara sandals are lovely.

  4. I NEED oh!! We've business to discuss

  5. Shoes!
    I have gone through your posts (I'm becoming a pest lol) and I like!
    You have really nice pieces.

    1. Never a pest hun! I appreciate you for taking time to read the posts and comment too...means a lot :)


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