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Posted by / Thursday, April 30, 2015 / 5 Comments

MAC X BLACK UP Mini Beauty Haul


So this post is me sharing with you the teeniest beauty haul ever. I was running out of foundation, the bottle was almost empty, so I had to get another. I was so close to buying Lancome's Teint Idole Foundation as I'd heard so many good things about it, but in the end I repurchased my ever-faithful ever-loyal and amazing Black Up Mattifying Fluid Foundation. That was honestly all I wanted to get, but you know how that goes. Went by the MAC store and ended up picking their blush in Ambering first ever MAC blush.

 MAC 'Ambering Rose' blush

Black Up Mattifying Fluid Foundation 

As far as foundations go, I'm looking to try new brands. I've heard/watched many reviews and I get more confused each day. What's your favourite foundation? What would you recommend? Tell me, tell me.




  1. keep hearing good things about this foundation I should try it out....Ambering rose is such a pretty blush! I keep procrastinating on purchasing (but I probably don't need another blush)
    The Lancome foundation is good you should try it :)

    1. I must try this foundation sha...will put it in next month's budget, thanks for the feedback :D It really is such a pretty blush, I pretty much used it every day (well, the days I wear makeup) since I got it. Wanna try Raizin next, Dimma has made me fall in love with that one.

  2. such a lastma! Everyone has ambering rose and raizin! 😛 and yes you need that lancome teint idole foundation in ya life! Its the truth!

    1. Better than my faithful black up?

      Go away jor, you never told me na, you just let me carry last :(

  3. Would you be kind enough to post a swatch of this foundation so I can shade match. I have been looking all over for a swatch of this shade. I want to order on line. Thanks


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