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Posted by / Friday, April 17, 2015 / 8 Comments

The Denim Shirt Series: Throw it on

Hi Guys!

So, still on the Denim Shirt Series. This time, I wore the shirt as a Jacket and with a Pencil skirt, so 2 in 1 right? Lol. I find that whenever I wear a dress/top with thin straps or without straps at all or a body suit, I'm quick to reach for a Denim shirt as a sort of jacket. Infact, it's now a habit but I'm not complaining...I'm a creature of habit.

Shirt: Zara // Skirt: New Look // White vest: Max @ The Palms //Crossbody: Forever 21 // Converse via ASOS 

So next time you feel a bit cold or you just want to cover up your arms, pick your Denim shirt rather than a shawl or sweater.  You'll look instantly way cooler, without trying hard too :)




  1. Denim shirts are everything...It pairs with everything nicely.

  2. This is one of my favourite ways to wear them :)

  3. I'm loving this outfit, you look fab! I have so many denim shirts and always feel like they add a nice touch to almost any casual outfit. I'm digging the length of this skirt too, it's great!

    Thirteen Thoughts

    1. Thank you Paula :) Recently came across your blog via Liv of FashStyleLiv and I love it! Plus your pictures are sooooo pretty!

  4. Denim shirts are the absolute bomb! They are so versatile and chic.


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