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Posted by / Saturday, June 13, 2015 / 4 Comments

30 Days of Lips - Day 13: Dreamgirl Matte Lipgloss in "03"


I had initially planned to wear a nude lip with my outfit today...I had a lot of bright colors going on and I kinda wanted to tone it down a bit, but because I have already put it up here, I had to go with something else. Hence the dark lip.

It's the Dreamgirl Matte Lipgloss in "03" and it's so matte, it flakes off when it comes in contact with food or water. I even have to be careful not to smack or lick my lips for fear of it all falling off. Can cosmetics companies perfect the art of making the perfect matte lipgloss already? I've kissed too many frogs and still don't seem to be close to getting the right formula. But again, because this is such a gorge color, I'll let it slide for now. Just won't use it as often.

It's sold at any BM Pro store, if you're interested in getting one. I can't remember how much exactly though, but it was between N3,000 and N3,800. 

That's all folks.



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