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30 Days of Lips - Day 14: MAC "Heroine"


MAC's "Heroine" on the lips today...a rich purple matte lip that scares a lot of people away. I agree it's bright, but contrary to what most people say, I believe it can be worn by almost any skin long as you tone down the rest of your makeup and light/heavy-handedly apply to the lips as appropriate, you should be fine.  It is very opaque, just one swipe and I got the coverage you see in the photo below. 

In terms of texture/feel, it's probably my favourite matte lipstick ever! This is how matte should feel and I swear I won't ever complain. No drying, no dragging/pulling on the lips, not one single crack shows...just all round awesomeness and perfection. It feels more like a drier version of their amplified range. 

Dear MAC, kindly adopt this formula for all your matte lipsticks okay? Thanks.


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