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30 Days of Lips - Day 17: L.A. Girl "Inspiration"


I can't even apologise enough for the lack of posts. I had to go away on a 4-day trip and had no time to post. Got back yesterday afternoon and then I realised I left my camera's memory card at the hotel...arggghhh. The pictures in this post and a couple of others to come were taken by my iPhone so forgive the not so great quality.

I'm wearing L.A. Girl's's a dark berry-plum shade and its creamy nature allows it easily glide on the lips. I'm a fan of not too loud colors that I can wear pretty much everywhere so this fits in perfectly. The only thing I dislike about it, which is also peculiar to all L.A. Girl Lipsticks I own, is that the cover never stays on properly. It keeps coming off in my makeup bag and making a mess. Arghh. Can they fix it already?


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