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30 Days of Lips - Day 20: Amira #110


I bought this Amira Lipstick (#110) when I was feeling very's a lot brighter than I would ordinarily go, the perfect Barbie pink. I don't use it so often 'cause it's a statement lip in itself but trust that when I do, it stands all the way out.

I bought it for about N300 in a store in the Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall, can tell I like cheap things :) plus finding amazing deals like this gives me so much joy down in my heart. LOL.

The downside tho? Horrible smell. It smells as cheap as its petroleum jelly with a hint of kerosene. Also, its coverage is not evenly distributed, so you have to pay more attention to the parts that were not properly covered as opposed to just swiping to and fro. But for N300, I can't complain too much.

Looks more lilac-y/purpley 'cause of the light but it's really a hot pink.


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