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30 Days of Lips - Day 30: L.A. Girl "Deepest Purple" Lip Liner


The Lip challenge is over!!! (doing a little happy dance)...I won't lie I'm happy. Having to do something everyday can be a bit stifling and losing my memory card didn't help at all (forgive my horrible pictures). Traveling and stuff got in the way so I wasn't always able to post everyday but I made sure I made up for all the times I was behind.

The last lip for the month is L.A. Girl's  Lip Liner in "Deepest Purple"'s really dark and if you're going for the vampy/goth look, this is a winner. It reminds me of House of Tara's "Tejuosho" when applied with gloss on top.

 Without gloss

With gloss

Back to regular blog posts, oh how I missed those. See you in the new month :D


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