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Posted by / Friday, June 05, 2015 / 2 Comments

30 Days of Lips - Day 5: NYX "Prune"


Today's post is probably my most exciting so far...because it's a Friday post. Yaaaay for fridays! Lol. The rains these past few days really put a lot of sluggishness in my step this week and I can't want to sleep it off.

Day 5's Lip is NYX's Lipliner Pencil in Prune (834). It's a rich purple color and because it's a pencil, it's a bit dry on the lips. As always, I smack on a bit of my Carmex balm and the pencil slides on. After food, drinks and long talks, it fades off to a pretty berry/wine stain and that also looks pretty. At this point, I either reapply my pencil or dab a bit of gloss for a slightly different look.

NYX Lipliner Pencil in Prune - N850 from Beauty Kink

I love Lip Pencils, they are so versatile and ridiculously cheap :)

Have an amazing weekend and make sure you get enough rest; you'll need it for Monday.
Also, please say a word of prayer for Ghana...may the Lord grant comfort to those who have lost loved ones and heal their hearts. Amen.



  1. Love prune! Its such a pretty colour this is one of the few lip liners I consistently wear as a lip colour. Suits you.

    1. Thanks hun! Saw you wear it recently on really is a pretty color.


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