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30 Days of Lips - Day 9: Color Lock "Devotion"


It's raining cats and dogs here in Lagos, and as I type this, the rain just up is the killer traffic that's synonymous with rain. Ah Lagos, we love you even though we never understand you.

On a lighter note, the lipstick I have on today is Color Lock's "Devotion" and it was gifted to me by my friend Adeola (Hi Mama, I know you're reading :*). She's permanently raiding my makeup bag and taking one thing or the other out of it...infact, as I type this, she's harassing me for something else. Sigh.

I saw this lipstick in her bag and told her I wanted it and snap, just like that it became mine.

It's a pinky-brown nude, not my usual kind of nude, but I like it a lot because it's the perfect kind of matte! Glides on the lips without a problem and does not sink int or reveal all your cracks. Also, I think this shade won't leave you looking washed out, as it's a deeper nude with pink undertones which tends to suit most people.



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