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Choc Oatmeal X Fruits


Boy am I happy to NOT post another beauty post. Feels like all I did in June was wear lipstick. Anyhoo, today we're talking food. I've been switching my meals up lately and seeking out healthier alternatives...we all know that the key to weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. So even if I sleep in the gym, eating all the wrong foods will make a mess of all the effort I put in.

Breakfast is a must-do (infact, every meal is a must-do) so instead of loading up on meaningless calories via stacks of toast, pancakes and unhealthy cereal, I started playing around with good ol' oats.
In the next couple of posts, I'll show you the amazing un-boring and yummy meals you can make with oats. The great news is their all super easy, cheap and fast to make. Chances are, you already have all the ingredients in your kitchen...yup, they're that basic.

Choc Oatmeal garnished with Fruits

Ingredients:  * Oats (rolled or steel cut)
                     * Cocoa Powder
                     * Brown Sugar or Honey
                     * Fruits (any of your choice)
                     * Milk (almond, skimmed or soya)

1. Boil oats in water, mixing in milk, a tablespoon of cocoa and sugar/honey to taste until thick.
2. Pour into a bowl and serve topped with fruits and a coating of milk.

 Fresh out of the pot :)

See? Easy Peasy but different and yummy :) Let me know if you try this.



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