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Posted by / Tuesday, July 21, 2015 / 17 Comments

Kimono Love


Hope you had a good holiday/weekend. I spent mine chilling with family and friends...and yesterday, my friend had a photoshoot for her makeup business, so I volunteered (lies! she kidnapped) my face to beat. 

Lol! I'm the worst model ever! Like, I literally warned them of my unwillingness to co-operate from the beginning and I pretty much sat like a log of wood throughout the entire shoot. Sigh. If you're a model, I have a lot of respect for you..."posing" is such hard work, especially for a camera-shy person like me. 

Anyways, as soon as I get the professional pictures, I'll post them up here. While you wait for those, see pictures of what I wore below. P.S: What's not to love about bright-coloured kimono??

Kimono: Stall @ Mente de Moda // Shoes: Converse // Jeggings: Balogun Market // Cami: F21 // Neckpiece: Mango 

Anyone notice the breakouts on my face yet? I have NO IDEA what caused them. My foundation or powder? Change in diet/food habits? Cream/Soap? I'm literally lost and so I don't know what to stop or where to begin treating.




  1. You look lovely and that Kimono is everything!!...xx

  2. Love everything! Makeup looks fab. I have major Kimono envy right now.
    Increase your water intake, clean out your diet and simplify your skin care regimen and see how your skin reacts then you can take it from there.

    1. Ah! I pretty much just wash my face with soap or my clean and clear face wash when I remember. I drink at least 2L of water everyday and I'm eating healthier now than I ever have :(

  3. I want that kimono. You Slayed

  4. I see the fitfam liFestyle is paying off!
    You look amazing, I Guess your skin is adjusting to your new diet; it will be just fine!

  5. I love your kimono. I've been looking to get one. How much was it and please do you have any idea where I can buy? Thank you!

    1. Thanks Ginika. I got it for N4,000 I think and from @dammy_a on instagram, you can send her a message there

  6. Lovely kimono. The last picture is my faaaav!!!
    One Dress Three Ways

  7. You looked great I just had to borrow this style combo and I think I looked good too. The inspiration was from you.

    1. Awwww....would've loved to see a picture. I bet you looked great :)

  8. Lol. I think I did. I already emailed you a picture :d.


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