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The Cheapest Most Amazing Must Have All-in-One Product

Hi Guys,

I’d been complaining to Unoma of Vieve Butterfly about my recent unfortunate visitors, a smattering of breakouts on my face…most especially on my forehead and she mentioned trying milk thistles, green tea, amongst other natural products. A few days after, I heard someone talk about a kitchen staple that works amazingly in clearing her breakouts and at that point, I really had nothing to lose. 

Guys, I’m talking about APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (ACV). So after hearing about it, I thought I’d google see. Sidebar: If you don’t know anything about me (well, apart from my insane love for Amala and Ewedu, Beans and Bitter Lemon), know that I google EVERYTHING!!! Ok, what was I saying. Ehen, so after I googled, I realised that ACV is like THE biznizz. It can be used in so many ways. I’ve tried some and they worked, so I wanna share with you guys and hopefully save you some Naira too.

1. Facial Cleanser: The ACV to buy is the pure one with its major ingredient as “mother” vinegar. It has exfoliating qualities and, with continued use, helps strip away dead skin cells on the face and reveal a clearer and brighter complexion. It also leaves my skin baby soft and allows moisturiser glide on. Did I mention it’s clearing out my breakouts and scars? Mix equal parts of ACV with equal parts of water, soak up some of this mixture with a cotton pad and use to clean your face as you would use a toner. I do this every night because of my breakouts, but as soon as they completely let up, I’ll stick to once every other day.

2. Hair Conditioner/Rinse: ACV can be used in place of your conditioner once in 2 weeks. It helps get rid of the gunk and greasiness that comes from accumulated product on your hair that your regular shampoo and conditioner couldn’t get to. It does this without stripping your hair of its essential oils, at the same time giving it a healthy shine with continued use. 

3. Odor Neutraliser: I use it to kill smells too…mix equal parts water and ACV and use to wash your smelly socks, put some drops in the toilet to get rid of stubborn smells or wherever needs a little freshening up…it’s Apple Cider Vinegar after all, the apple smell helps some.

4. Washing Greens/Produce: Sometimes, rather than use salt, I use ACV to wash my greens before I cut them up and eat or cook with them. In a bowl of water, I mix in 2-3 tablespoons and use as necessary.

5. Brush Cleaner: Ehen, I’m pretty sure you’re like, no way! Lol. So, I washed my makeup brushes last weekend and I was having a hard time getting rid of the brown foundation color on my foundation brush. I’d washed with shampoo a couple of times, yet it just would not whiten. I use the real techniques buffing brush to apply my foundation so you know the white I’m referring to. Anyways, like someone switched on a bulb in my brain, I decided to put 2 tablespoons of undiluted ACV in a bowl and dunk my brush in for a minute. Took it out, cleaned in on my palm in a circular motion, dunked in back in ACV and repeated. I rinsed it under the tap and guys, my white came back (hallelujah…lol). 

So there you have it. The cheapest and most important purchase you need to make this month. The singular most versatile and most amazing product I’ve used in a while. Apple Cider Vinegar. Go forth and purchase.

Hope this post was helpful to you. If you know other ways I can use ACV, please let me know. My bottle’s almost empty and I need to repurchase asap so I can try out new ways to use it.

You can buy ACV at most supermarkets near you. If those fail, I’ve seen a couple in Shoprite, Goodies, Spar and Ebeano. They come in different sizes, but they’re all pretty affordable. I got a big bottle from Goodies for under N700 :)




  1. ACV is the bomb for my hair. It really defines my curls. I just started using it for my face, hopefully it works.

    1. Like, wish I'd known about it a while ago, but better late than never right?

  2. How could I have forgotten to recommend ACV? Lol I have never tried it for my makeup brushes but I will! I drink ACV (diluted in water) it's supposedly great for detoxifying. xx

    1. Yes Hun, started putting it in my water too. I hear it might also aid weight loss? Lol.


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