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Posted by / Sunday, August 23, 2015 / 4 Comments

The Weekend

Hey Hey,

I had a really fun weekend and I thought I'd do like a weekend roundup type post. Started off with a movie on Friday night with a friend, we saw Mission Impossible and I LOVED it! That's one movie that leaves me wanting more and not every year new release (a la Fast and Furious). I hadn't been to see a movie in a while so I guess that made this extra fun for me.

Saturday morning, I had a breakfast date with my girls at Crust and Cream. I've been there a couple of times and even have a review HERE. We pretty much just caught up on stuff and ate so much. I had the American breakfast...waffles, hash browns, bacon, sausage, eggs, french toast, coffee and juice...and everything was N3,300.  Like, talk about value for money. Plus it tasted so good too...and the hash browns *drooling* my fave thing on the plate.

Later in the day, I got dressed and attended my classmate's wedding in Ikeja. The sun was giving me all sorts of life so I took advantage of it and took pictures with my phone.

Top (which is actually a playsuit :p) : Zara // Skirt: Fashpa // Shoes: ASOS // Purse: ALDO // Belt: Bershka

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that I've been natural for some time now. If you don't follow me (why ever not? Please do now now :) @d.o.f.e ), then let me formally mention that I've been natural for almost 10 months now. Most of the time, I wear wigs or protective styles...either braids or twists, but they've been wreaking havoc on my hairline so I'm sticking with wigs. Since my hair grew out a bit, I started wearing it out on the weekends...not sure the people at work are ready for its awesomeness yet :p

Anyways, on IG I also promised to share my natural journey on the blog and I plan to keep to that promise. I recently got some new hair products that I hope to review as soon as I've used them for long enough.

Have an amazing week.



  1. ur weekend was really fun! and gosh I loooove your hair :)

    1. Thanks hun! My job is really stressful so I make sure I have as much fun as I can weekends :)

  2. Your bun is soooo neat.
    I look forward to your hair posts!

    1. Thanks to Eco Styler's amazing for natural hair. The posts will be up soon.

      Thanks for reading and commenting :)


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