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Posted by / Sunday, September 13, 2015 / 8 Comments

Cosmetic Square Haul - Colour Pop X L.A. Girl


I was introduced to Cosmetic Square by my friend, Unoma, 'cause I'd been on the hunt for Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lipglosses for some time time but it was always getting sold out in the colours I wanted. Before this, I had never heard of Cosmetic Square and it was such a relief to find another online makeup store that isn't always "sold out"on the newest products.

I placed my order on a Thursday and selected the local pick-up option in Ogudu for Saturday (Hello! Ain't nobody paying N1,500 for delivery inside this Lagos abeg) as I was going to be around the area over the weekend.

 Top to Bottom: Colour Pop Lippie Pencil in "Ellarie", Ultra Matte Lip in "Tulle" and "Limbo"

Left to Right: Ellarie, Tulle and Limbo

Each Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip cost N2,900...I got 2; Tulle and Limbo, One Lippie Pencil in Ellarie @ N2,200 and L.A. Girl Concealers @ N900 per tube; I got Dark Cocoa for contouring and Fawn for highlighting.

Can you guys tell that Ellarie is bae??? I mean! I follow Ellarie on Instagram, the MUA who this lip pencil is named after, and after seeing her use this a couple of times, I knew I had to have it. If for nothing else, just to be sure she wasn't just giving the product fake hype (yeah, I bet your pocket can testify to the annoying-ness of this. Some beauty bloggers/MUAs sing the praises of stuff, then the product ends up being wack...kmt). She always uses it with another product in the same colour, so it was great to experience first hand that, without that extra lipgloss action, Ellarie is bae all by itself.

Tulle is a deep pink-toned's so soft and smooth. For some reason, when I think of this colour, I'm thinking the softest comfiest pink cashmere. How does the colour relate to cashmere? I hear you ask. Me sef, I follow you ask.

Limbo is a deep brown with a hint of wine/burgundy. I was going to describe it as a blue-toned brown, but is there such a thing? All I know is, it isn't your ugly, flat and boring brown that nobody likes being associated with. You guys need to try it. Limbo is bae too! 

(Sidebar. Everything is bae right? Guess this is my word for the season.)

I'm definitely going to put up pictures with them on my lips, sooner or later. Oh, I have Ellarie on in my previous post HERE

Hope your weekend was great and well spent. I'm currently in-between flights and typing this post at the airport as I wait. God bless oyibo people for free wifi everywhere, I'm on a download spree 'cause girls have to keep up with series and things, especially as my ISP warned me last week that I have consumed 90% of my data for the month. I'm like, hello...the month just started. Kmt.

Ok, this post turned out way chattier than I expected. LOL.

Goodnight and God bless.



  1. I recently deceloped a lil interest in makeup so ive whipped put all my makeup goodies. Even though my colorpop is different, (mine is a roll up stick but its matte too), I think its a fab product.

    1. Hey have the Lippie Stix I think...I wasn't able to get it and it's sold out everywhere I've checked. Sigh.

      It's definitely fab :)

  2. Ellarie is really selling the lippie pencil named after her with her IG vids.
    I'm so tempted to buy it, compare it to davis pencils please!!!

    1. Haha! She sure is. I didn't even know Davis did coloured pencils!!! Where can I get them? I only ever see the really dark brown ones for brows.

  3. Limbo is bae! Ellarie over flogs that lip pencil lol I hope she gets commission sha....I've seen coloured davis pencils in Ebeano check them out.

    1. Oh, I bet she does! Thanks for the heads up, will check ebeano.

  4. love those colors for fall! xox


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