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Super excited, can you tell? Lol.

I have been swamped with so much these days, I've barely had time to catch my breath. But the Lord remains my strength. I have so much non-blogging related stuff to share with you, but I'll leave it for another day when I'm less busy.

I have a thing for monotone outfits; they can be slimming especially if they're in dark/muted tones and they allow you focus on the outfit instead...structure, colour, fit and all, instead of distracting prints, colours or other elements. The thing with monotone is, pilling it off might be a bit hard, as you have to make sure the shades work well's usually a tall order finding the same shades of one colour except they're like co-ords, but when you do find shades that blend, the outfit just flows.

T-Shirt: Mango N3,000 // Jeans & Shoes: Topshop 200 Dirhams or so, can't really remember // Bag: M&S

Have an amazing week guys!



  1. Eyeing your top. It's pretty and the bag too.
    Alone But Not Lonely

  2. Flats! I have this leopard print fetish so pardon me, looking good! ����

    1. Girl, I'm the flats queen!

      @ the leopard fetish, I knowwwwww...I was so happy when I saw this pair, now I'm looking for the perfect leopard heels :D


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