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Traveling to Dubai? Here's what you need to know

Hi Guys!

I've been to Dubai every year since 2013 (and yes, I'm already planning another trip for next year) and I think I've learnt a couple of things/tips to save money, have fun and generally make the best of my stay there. Or at least, that's what Liv of Fash Style Liv thinks, and that made her ask me to share with her. She actually suggested that I share same with you guys and I thought why not? I'm sorry it never crossed my mind, I didn't think anyone would find the information useful...but I'll do for that one person that finds something helpful in this. 

P.S: Some of these tips apply to any other country you might want to visit.

So, if you're going to Dubai, I'd advise:

1. That you go in January if you can: First off, I know that if you work in an organization like mine, taking your annual vacation in January is an unspoken taboo. The reasoning behind this is, you haven't even worked in the new year to deserve any time off to rest or relax. 

But if you work in an organization that doesn't care too much about things of that sort (or maybe you work for yourself and can be flexible), then January is an amazing time to go to Dubai because of the annual Shopping Festival that holds that time of the year. It's literally sales in every store during this period...a shopaholic's heaven.

2. Tickets: Wakanow is a good option to buy tickets...however, I'd advise that you view the prices in Naira though, it's cheaper than viewing in dollars. Also, if you can pick a date and stick to it early enough, I would advise you to buy your tickets in's ALWAYS cheaper, you get to save as much as N50,000 to N75,000. On my last trip, I got my ticket at the last minute, like 3/4 days before so it was a lot more expensive at N181,000. My friend bought his at the same time, same airline, but his departure date was one month away and he paid N160,000. Imagine if you buy yours at least 2 months earlier? Alternatively, you can buy directly from the airline's website...then, you don't get to pay the extra that the travel agents would normally put on top of the regular prices.

3. Hotels: I've always stayed at Avenue Hotel in Deira. It's comfortable and clean and it's worked for's like 5 buildings away from the metro station and it's close to the Gold Souk and a 5 minute walk from Popeye's, Haagen Dazs, Baskin Robbins, get my point. I'm sort of a creature of habit, and that's a bad thing but next time, I'm definitely staying somewhere else just so I can try out something new. There are other slightly more pricey with great standards like Double tree by Hilton, Holiday Inn, Four Points by Sheraton. I usually make direct reservations with the hotel but this last time I went through because I thought I got a good deal...N67,000 for 7 nights. Turned out, it was less I ended up paying N98,000 at the hotel. Boo! I'd say, please don't use , instead contact the hotel directly. You can use Trip Advisor to get a feel of the kind of hotel you'd be interested in, then contact them directly.

4. Transportation: I got a metro card on my first trip, now I use it whenever I go because it's a lot cheaper than Taxis. For instance, a trip to and fro the Dubai Mall from my hotel cost me about 70-100 dirhams depending on the traffic situation...but via metro, not more than 10 dirhams. At first, I thought 100 a day wasn't that bad, but I'd find myself making several trips and spending over 200 dirhams a day...then I knew I had to get a card. If you don't need to buy a card because you might never use it after your trip, you can always just buy tickets at the station. They cost just a teeny bit more than if you'd used the metro card, but they're still quite cheap too.

5. Tourist Attractions: There are so many and I mentioned a few in this post HERE. On my first trip, I was told I'd see people at the airport who will give me free tickets to the Burj Khalifa (At the top) Tour, Desert Safari and sometimes Wild Wadi. All I had to do was listen in on a seminar and at the end I'd get the free tickets. I never saw anyone at the airport, but I know 2 people who got free tickets. If you're not lucky in that regard, like me, you can check out, you'll get deals on the Safari (normally 120 dirhams but on Groupon, as low as 50 dirhams), At the Top Burj Khalifa, Dubai City Tour, Parasailing...etc. 

You MUST do the Desert Safari, Water Park (Wild Wadi or Aquaventure), see the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and get on the Formula One Ride...both in Abu Dhabi and Swim with the Dolphins (This one is expensive at about 500 dirhams I think, so if you can get a deal on groupon, it'll make sense).

Hope this helped.



  1. i love love this post, it's so informative i'm bookmarking it, when i went to dubai I stayed in 3 hotels because i prebooked only for seven days and i ended up spending 10 days. i didn't get to see all the fun places as well but i did enjoy the street food.
    with all this information, i'm going to plan a trip for I and my lover soon.

    1.'re probably that one person that this post was for. Lol.
      Glad it'll be useful. When you do go, have a lovely trip :)

  2. Omg, thank you for this information. I'm thinking about going for a vacation and this is just the perfect guide. Thanks

  3. Interesting that you go to Dubai yearly. What is it about the city that you love so much? I have been once, and I feel like I need a re do. While I had fun, I think my time there would have been much more fun with a bunch of girlfriends.

    1. Yeah, definitely a lot more fun with your girls...I need that kinda trip too, been going it solo for the last 2 years.

      What do I love about dubai? Everything! It's your regular tourist city...the food, the sights, the shops, malls, the attractions :D


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