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Posted by / Thursday, November 12, 2015 / 16 Comments

28 Lessons at 28 (Part 2)

Hey Hey,

Let's jump right into the remaining lessons...

15. Eating Amala for breakfast will knock you out till the next day. Don't do it.

16. Read more. Anything, just read. It'll improve your vocabulary and english; both written and spoken.

17. Meeting new people isn't so bad. Any chance you get to do so, jump at it.

18. The people you meet in #17 will be greatest assets...treat them well. You know how they say it's a small world, you will end up meeting up somewhere and needing someone's help...don't wish you had treated them better when that time comes.

19. Stand up for yourself. Don't be a pushover. People will mistake your calmness and quiet demeanour for stupidity and try to take advantage. Show them you're no wallflower.

20. It's probably not ok to correct every grammatical error you see or hear. Especially hear. Because one day you'll correct your boss and you better hope for your sake and the continuity of your job that he/she pretends not to hear you.

21. Be spontaneous. Like, maybe once a month. Adopt the 3 second rule...whatever comes to your mind to do/say in response to a question/thought/whatever, do that. Don't "compose yourself" and act respectably instead.

22. Stay true to you. Don't pretend to be "posh-er" than you are. For instance, if someone asks for your favourite food, tell them the love Beans & Plantain or Amala and Ewedu and not sushi.

23. It's ok to cry. Your problems won't disappear after you dry the last tear, but you'll feel a lot better for letting out the sadness/anger/hurt.

24. Managing 2 instagram accounts is hard. Keeping your "blog life" separate from your personal life is probably even harder. At some point, they'll both collide and you'll wonder why you tried to keep them apart in the first place.

25. I have learnt to trust my instincts. That nigga (usually) ain't never lied. That little nudging at the back of your mind that keeps whispering that there's something off about someone or something shady about that deal you're about to make, listen to it. It has saved me countless times. And you know what they say about a woman's intuition.

26. It's ok to wear a fab outfit again the next, the exact same everything, if nobody actually saw it when you wore it that day. We can't be letting good outfits waste and such.

27. Everyone has advice to give you. You need to lose weight, you'll look better if you do...stop being too churchy so you can find bae (haha, I believe we've dealt with that guy abi?), wear makeup more often, wear heels more often, go out more often...blah, blah, blah. Listen to them, it will make them feel important, like they're improving your life by running their mouths. But go ahead and do whatever it is you want to do anyway, after all it is your life not their's.

28. Before you make any decision (in terms of your finances, relationship, education, best route to the island, buying a new phone), pray. I only did this for the big things until I was reminded recently by Mike Murdoch about including the small things too. Now I apply this to the seemingly stupid ones.

I normally leave my house at 8am on Sundays. After saying my prayers last Sunday, I left at 8:15am and I was grumbling so much that my sisters were making me run late. At some point on my route to church, I passed by an accident that had just happened like 10mins before I got there...a bus and a bike rider collided and the driver died instantly. I can't exactly say it might have been me, but I really thanked God that I was a bit late.

So that's it....I enjoyed this challenge. Nothing is impossible oh, I did it!

What's the biggest lesson you've learnt that isn't already here? Please share with me.



  1. Managing 2 instagram accounts is far from easy. One is a lot of work, 2 is almost not possible and 3 (well one will deff lack).

    Eating swallow for lunch will knock you out easily. Read more and research more 'you never stop learning' 25,26,27, 28 :) Always pray

  2. It's OK to be single for more than a year without thinking remotely that something maybe wrong with you!
    It's ok not to explain what Lactose intolerance means when you can't Join the colleagues for ice cream!
    It's ok to day dream every Now & again. Sometimes it gives me the Nudge I Need to work harder!

    1. Golddddd!!! Ditto on being single! I get tired of that question very quickly. On being lactose intolerant, I get why you'd be quiet on that...Nigerians can be somehow sometimes.

      Dreaming is the only thing that keeps us going oh, we need to keep our dream game strong yo.

      Thanks for sharing dear :)

  3. Laughing so hard at #20. I can relate with #24. My blog account shut down quicker than flash lol. I use my personal account for that now.
    Lets Catch Up Shall We?

    1. Ah, I actually did that to a boyfriend once...weirdly he just said thanks and we continued our conversation.

      On the ig accounts, I've put in so much, don't think I can shut down any of them. Well, time will tell.

  4. Number 24 is so true. There have been so many times I almost accidentally posted a selfie meant for my personal page to my makeup page.

    1. Lol...I did this once and quickly deleted before It was seen by anyone.

  5. It's always good to heed the advice of people who have gone ahead of you. Thank you for your good words of advice. I think the one I will really heed to is that I should be more spontaneous from time to time.

    1. I'm also still trying to get the hang of it....but it can be so refreshing sonetimes to just say or do without overthinking it.

      Thanks for reading David, it was nice meeting you :)

  6. I like 20, 24, 26 and 28. I can so relate. That's why I have only one IG account. Managing one is even stressful for me sef.

    Mira La Belle blog

  7. happy Bday luv!

  8. I can relate! I should have done this. Maybe next year hopefully I'll have more 'lessons' under my belt. Lol


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