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28 Lessons at 28

Lol, this post is so....cliche right? 

My birthday came up over the weekend and the idea for this post came to my mind because, well, everyone does it. I thought, no way can I come up with 28 lessons. So this started out as me challenging myself, then I figured I might just as well post it up.

In my 28 years here, I've learnt a lot of things. These lessons are all mine and no one else's. You may not agree with them, they may not apply to you, you don't even need to learn from them. I just feel like sharing is all.

1. It's ok to make mistakes. They may sometimes be the most painful, but they are definitely the fastest of all the ways to learn. And you know what they say about experience as a teacher.

2. What people think about you should never affect or determine what you think about yourself. They have every right to think what they like, but remember Jer 29:11 reminds us that God's thoughts towards us are of good and not evil. So, don't mind what anyone else thinks.

3. Always carry vex money. Never depend on another human being. Well, except that person is your family, husband or bff, then it might be ok :)

4. You should never ever ever in your lifetime cook and eat indomie the way it is is. (Not all lessons are deep please). Ever. Add some cameroun pepper, onions, yellow pepper (you can tell I don't joke with my pepper), diced meat and top it off with one boiled egg and you're good to go.

5. Don't knock it till you've tried it. Like, see how I had condemned couscous in my mind, then I tried it and fell in love. I'm all about the food references, but this applies to pretty much everything. Well, except murder. Please, don't kill anyone. Thanks.

6. God will never ever ever ever ever ever fail. Can I throw in more evers there? Like, ever. In the awesome and through the most trying times, he has remained the only constant thing in my life. He keeps showing up for me and I'm trying to get as close to him as I can.

7. Don't trust anyone with your charger. Not even your sisters or co-workers. They will take it and it will be swallowed up in the sea of all other chargers. If, like me, you never bothered to make a "mark on it" (crying hot tears) or write your name on it, then it will be gone forever.

8. Don't depend on anyone to make you happy. Take care of yourself by yourself, treat yourself to expensive lunches and spa dates. Splurge on that thing you've been wanting probably on your birthday. People generally stay looking out for themselves...but if you have friends that are all round sweethearts and are dependable, appreciate them.

9. Never make the mistake of assuming you know someone's thoughts or plans if they haven't voiced them to you. Don't assume for anyone. If you're in doubt, ask. Seek clarification when you are not sure. You think you're in a relationship just because you're doing things people in relationships do. Haha! Sister, I pity you.

10. If you want something, ask for it. You'll either get a yes or a no (which really won't kill you anyway), and life goes on.

11. When you are served a plate of small chops, save the chicken for last. Then you get to savour the juiciness within. Or maybe eat it first, you know how some people always show up to eat that last thing you've been saving. Clearly, I haven't learnt the lesson behind this one. Sigh.

12. Don't leave your bag outside a classroom with your phone in it and go for an exam. They will most likely steal your phone before you're done and you'll end up sitting on the floor and crying like your husband died. Lol. True story.

13. It's ok to wear makeup at least once a week. Sometimes, beat that face and remind them you can slay when you want to.

14. Even if you wear makeup once a week, it's ok to buy as much makeup as you like. Well, a reasonable amount of makeup every other month. (Or week? Haha) When they ask (and be sure they will), simply tell them you're a collector of beautiful things.

If you made it this far, congratulations. Thank God I haven't completely killed you with boredom. You deserve a gold medal. Lol.

The remaining 14 lessons coming up in the next post.


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  1. Oh happy birthday! The lessons are interesting and funny but also!

  2. Happy birthday darling!
    Lol I agree with all your lessons oh and yes, God will never ever fail!

  3. Happy Birthday gal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wishing you the beautiful things in life. I am the quiet reader that never makes comment but hey its your birthday. Waiting for part 2 *wide grin* -------------(mz_velocity)

    1. Thank youuuuuuuu! Amen and God bless you!

      Awwww, thanks for showing up should come out more often tho. Part 2 will be up really soon :)

  4. Oh my goodness!! I absolutely agree with everything in this post. Happy Birthday to you my lovely and I hope you had an amazing day!!! We both share a deep love for pepper and Indomie (in no particular order!!)

    1. Thanks boo, my day wasn't bad at it was my sister's wedding too so double the fun :)

      What is life without pepper and income? Nothing. Lol.


  5. Happy Birthday dear...
    Lol @never eat indomie as it is.
    One Year And Counting

    1. But really, you know ordinary indomie is the worst *shudders*

      Thanks for the birthday wishes hun :)

  6. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a blast. ...
    You might find this weird but i actually truly enjoy my indomie the most PLAIN!!

    1. I know someone that also likes his noodles plain. Y'all are weird...such horrors! Lmao.

      Can I tempt you to try it just the way I described it? You won't be sorry.

      Thanks for the comment tho, next time don't be anonymous.


  7. Loool, I like plain noodles if I can't add sausages or beef or meat. Simplicity works for me with that. The vex money, yes. Small chops I eat the chicken first oooo, I can't save it for someone else to come and eat.

    Chicken and gizzard attract people's attention. I can't allow that. 8 (Please include travel) and 9 I so agree.

    The classroom and phone bit (Deff noted)

    1. Yaaay...but really, I'm low-key going to get you to change from that plain noodles mindset.

      Challenge accepted :)

  8. Loved it. Definitely anything but boring? :*

  9. Loool, I'm really enjoying the story posts :)
    I eat my indomie plain too but I only like the Onion Chicken one.

    Mehn, that charger issue na serious something, especially that apple small mouth charger, the thing used to spoil so quickly, choi!

    I had a music exam 2 weeks ago and I had to leave my bag outside the hall, so glad no one took anything from it.

    And about the Small Chops, I'm going to put up my Small Chops Hierachy post. I wrote it last year, just never got round to putting it up.

    1. Hey Tuke, thanks for reading. Lucky you on leaving your bag outside, I wasn't that lucky :(

      Please put up that small chops hierarchy post abeg! I need to decide what my small chops priority list should look like. LOL!

  10. Happy birthday! Great share with lovely details. Heard a lot about wedding venues NYC from my friends and planning to hire one for my sister's engagement party. Not sure about the luncheon or dinner. Discussions regarding dates and arrangements are going on. Hoping for a fabulous and special day for would be bride and groom.


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