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Posted by / Wednesday, November 18, 2015 / 14 Comments

Blogs I Love - Fashion Bananas

Hey Hey!

I read a lot of blogs, some consciously while some I find myself on by trolling. I find that I keep going back to some and they've made it to my "Blogs I Love" list...mostly because they have great content. I won't be doing a "Top Ten Nigerian/International Blogs I read" or anything like that, a lot of bloggers have done that and I find that they have sort of the same names. There's soooo much amazing content out there that isn't being read, maybe because these bloggers haven't mastered the art of photography or don't have the most amazing blog layout. I'll be sharing at least one with you each week and I hope you come to appreciate them as much as I now do.

The blog I'm loving today is Delmy's blog Fashion Bananas and it's only apt that I start with it because it was literally the first fashion blog I started following. When I wanted to start fashion blogging and I had no idea if it was something I really wanted to/could do, I sent her an email with my questions/concerns and she was sweet enough to reply in detail.

In my mind, I'm Delmy's Nigerian I think I feel this way 'cause I've pretty much followed her blog from when she started till she met her Significant Other and had her baby, plus she has shared personal stuff with her readers, so I feel like I know her really well. She isn't much of a talker on her blog but I love her's so chic and chill, and her personality too. And she's super super hot too :D


Styling her bump:

Post Baby

Hope you like her blog as much as I do.



  1. Love Delmy one of my first blogger loves too but I kinda sorta forgot about her for a minute - horrible I know. Thanks for the reminder though :D

  2. That last outfit tho... I can style that in Nigeria and not die of heat abi. Harmattan please come o. Lol. Lovely blog btw

    1. Ahan, yes you can but before then we want your yoruba n Hausa post..
      Clingy Girlfriends, What's Not To Love

    2. I know right, that last outfit is perfect! You can wear it without the tights :)

  3. Love her hair and choice of shoes.
    Yes to the Blogs I Love series.

  4. She is so cute. Love her blog too!

  5. She is so cute. Love her blog too!


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