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The Nigerian Mentality...and Banking

Hi Guys!

So, as you might already know, I work in a bank in Lagos, Nigeria. Sometimes, our customers complain about our services or lack of to my face, on social media or to each other and I have the privilege of hearing such conversations. If you're honest and sincere, you'll agree with me that more often than not, when you open your mouth to comment on your bank, you're saying something negative. And it's ok, I respect your feelings. I also know that banks are the easy targets for everybody's frustration in this country. I just would really like to ask a few questions which I hope that you honestly answer in your mind.

- You most likely employ the services of an Internet Solutions Provider in your home or office and you experience the erratic service they are legendary for. Knowing that these ISPs are also what majority of the banks use, why do you expect banks to never experience network downtime? I'm not trying to make excuses for them, but c'mon! Let's be a tad bit realistic okay? I worked with one of these ISPs in Abuja during my service (NYSC) year and we provided Internet services to 90% of the banks in Abuja at the time...I can easily tell you it is not always their fault. 

- As a Nigerian and also a Lagosian, I can also easily tell you the biggest problem we have. All talk, no action. A typical Nigerian will complain and complain all day, but ask him what he has done to solve the problem and the answer is almost always nothing. We like pity parties and we are quick to throw them everywhere and every time, but move to ensure a solution is a problem. Stop complaining about the queues in the banking hall, the complaint boxes seat empty in the banking halls, next time use it! Pick the phones strategically placed in the banking halls and speak with someone or send an email to the complaints team. Stop moaning about the problem, cause a change darling.

- Did you know that when an ATM does not have cash in it, you can walk into the bank and speak with the Head of Operations? He/She will be extremely grateful for this and ensure the ATM is loaded with cash immediately, because sometimes they are genuinely unaware. This will also help reduce queues at the Machine.

- Did you also know 95% of the customers on the queue inside the bank are there to carry out basic transactions like check account balance, withdraw as little as N2,000. Are you aware that you can check your account balance, get your account statement, carry out transfers both foreign and domestic, confirm your cheques, create additional accounts, pretty much do anything on the internet banking platform? 

- Do you know that we have Cash Deposit ATMs in a lot of the branches in Lagos or are you scared to use a machine that "swallows" your money and you cannot see where it goes? LOL. Please use these machines and help us decongest the banking halls. God bless you in advance.

- Are you aware that CBN's aim is to make the Nigerian economy a Cashless one? Stop withdrawing money to buy groceries. Your grocery store has a POS machine, pay for your purchases with your Bank Card. Everybody is online real time now, pay for that asoebi via internet banking. 

- Do you know that you actually don't need to come into the bank, except to pick up your Bank Card, Chequebook or Token?

- Do you know that you have an account officer that manages your account and whose job is to make your banking experience seamless always?  I advise that you go to your bank and get this person's details (email and phone number), some banks allow you access to this information on your internet banking profile (well, my bank and life will be so much easier for you.

These are the things I remember. If you have any banking-related questions that you've always wanted to ask, advise or anything you want clarification on, please let me know. 




  1. True talk... People should try to move to the e-channels, they are cheaper and more convenient... Even though i work in a bank, i can't remember the last time i did a transaction with a bank teller, a payslip or a transfer slip... My bank is on my phone while lying on my bed.
    Hello Madame DOFE, It was good to see you today.... Good to have here... See you around.

    1. left a comment :D

      Thanks Hun, of for saying hi too. You'll definitely be seeing a lot of me :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Marcia! You have a new reader/follower...I'm really liking your blog :D

  3. Great points you raised, but it is also up to the bank to educate their customers to let them know of these amazing services.

    1. You're right! I think a lot of the banks already do this, but we need a very huge push to get used to alternative banking channels...Nigerians like seeing their money, they aren't comfortable with cash deposit ATMs or POSs or even mobile banking...the percentage of Nigerians that currently use these channels is pretty low. They want to pay in cash and keep their change in their pockets. Continuous education and awareness will eventually drive the message home hopefully and also policies such as CBN's cashless one will help.


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