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Posted by / Thursday, January 14, 2016 / 36 Comments

D.O.F.E Triple Giveaway - UPDATED


I'm so happy to be posting this for 2 reasons; First, it's a giveaway post. Second, the blog had been inaccessible since Friday last week and I was low key freaking out 'çause nothing I had tried seemed to be to be working. Thanks to Cassie of Cassie Daves who showed me how to fix it.

Straight to the giveaway; It's open to Nigerian residents alone (or if you aren't but have a Nigerian delivery address). It's a triple giveaway....meaning I'm giving away 3 things :D

1st, I'm giving away a Neckpiece, Blue Ankle-strap Sandals and a Bucket bag.

2nd is a makeup giveaway. The items in the makeup giveaway are:
- Zaron Makeup Bag
- Zaron Matte Stain
- H&M Gold Kabuki Brush
- Max Studio Nail Polishes
- Zaron Longwear Gel Eyeliner
- Zaron Moisturizing Lipstick
- Zaron Luxurious Lipgloss
- Hairfinity Hair Capsules

The 3rd is a pair of colour block sandals (size 10).

To win is easy...well kinda.

1. Follow me on Instagram (@d.o.f.e) 
2. Repost the D.O.F.E triple giveaway picture on instagram and tag me in it.
3. Comment on this post telling me what you want to win and leaving your email and instagram Id.

The giveaway ends on Monday, the 18th of January so get on it quickly.


The giveaway ended yesterday and the winners were selected randomly. They are:

1. Bag + Neckpiece + Shoes - @msfunty
2. Makeup - @damiology
3. Size 10 Shoes - @lindammie

Expect an email soon from me. 

Thanks everyone for entering.



  1. Ohh I want the first set; the bucket bag, neckpiece and sandals. Now off to ig

    1. Ohh I thought we were suppose to post it on ig
      Hey @d.o.f.e I would like the first set that has the bucket bag, neckpiece and shoes because I'm currently working on a building a basic wardrobe the bag is super appropriate for this, the shoes are a nice staple as wear as denim as made blue the new black and A new neckpiece is all I need to spice up basics.
      Thank you.
      I really wanted the orange shoes as well but well the first set is too perfect�� / @dee_mako

  2. Hi Bee!!

    This giveaway is my DESTINY!

    1. I already follow you on 'insta'
    2. I have reposted tagging you
    3. I would love to win gift 1 (Except u didn't mention if the blue shoes are a size 10 like the block heels.) I wear a US size 10 an I can already see myself wearing the neckpiece to work, the hot blue shoes to church and then brunch with the lover with the bucket bag on my shoulder.

    Please make my dreams come through!! || 'Missdarme' On Instagram

  3. 1) Already follow you
    2) Reposted
    3) I want the 2nd Gift (Makeup set) I LOVEEEEE Makeup! As a Makeup Artist the products will help me make other ladies.And I NEEDDDD that Hairfinity Capsule, my hair is dyingggg
    4) @anuchayil

  4. I want the neck piece, ankle strap scandals and bucket bag... @msfunty on Instagram and email is I really hope I win this... Never won anything before so fingers crossed

  5. Hi Belinda,
    First, this giveaway is so dope...ok so let me get to the koko of the matter...

    I have followed you on IG...
    I have reposted the giveaway post
    After a lot of dilly dally in my mind, Cos all the items are wonderful, I have decided that if favour shines on me lol... I want to win the MAKEUP BUNCH....I'll give the lipstick to my mum and the rest will be useful for me and my clients (I'm a freelance MUA) Plus I cant wait to try the hairfinity capsules, just started my natural hair journey....

    Instagram ID: @damiology


  6. Aww.. giveaway!! I want to win anything. The first set please.. my birthday is on the 18th, so it won't be a bad idea winning something especially when I know I'm not getting anything special. So, this wouldd be better. Thank you.

    1. I forgot to add my cute face (0.0) and wink ;). I never Really get to win stuffs.

    2. Okay no no. Let me be specific. I want the first set, neckpiece, shoe and bag. Pleaseeee

    3. Oh I forgot to leave my email - IG: @thormmiee. I'm sure you'd be like what's wrong with this girl. Lol

  7. olawunmi mogaji @tennystreat6:44 pm, January 14, 2016

    Ill really like to win the makeup set . tryin to improve on my makeup skills and d hairfinitu capsules would just be great for my natural hair journey. Never won anything before . really hope dis is in my favour.bin following u since to ig now to repost

  8. I want the Colour block heels :)

    IG: @vievebutterfly

  9. Hiiya, Glad your blog is back up and running, I really missed it :)
    I have followed and reposted and I'd really love to have the third set - colour block sandals because it's really pretty, I love it and it's the perfect sizee ^^
    Instagram - lindammie

  10. I'll really love to win the first set...the bucket bag, heels and neckpiece.

    Never won a giveaway so this will be perfect.

    Already following you on I.g


  11. Hi d.o.f.e ,i have done the ig repost... i would love the first set of gifts :the necklace, the beautiful blue heels and the bucket bag.. my. ig handle is @olasubby and my email is ...anticipating...

  12. I would love the first set - necklace, heels and bucket bag :D

    IG: @ifysmusings

  13. Hi Belinda,
    I want the second one, the makeup
    IG: @bigchicanita

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Hi Belinni,

    I want to win so badly! 2016 is my year of winning! (lol)
    I'd like prize #2, the make up kit especially the hairfinity. My hair needs some TLC!

    P.S the Neck piece is beautiful!

    Instagram: @qix___

  16. Dear Belinda

    Its relieving to know that your blog is back up. I actually thought it was a mistake at first when I tried to open it but it wasn't opening.

    I will like to win the makeup giveaway because I'm trying to step up my makeup game this year. Very funny but it's one of my goals this year. And what better brand to help me with this than Zaron.

    I will be very happy if I do win this giveaway.

    My email address is

    My IG is @tosinoludare


  17. Hi, I want to win the make-up, I love the first items but the makeup is just what I need at the moment. I just started my MUA career(LOL) and I'm currently stocking my box. Winning It will help my ministry�� / @prettirichwoman

    1. Abeg Abeg my IG is @pretti_richwoman. This phone sef😩

  18. I would love to win the make up bag because I am a make up junkie with no zaron products. It's a new year and I'm all about supporting Nigerian brands so new year, new makeup... Win win!!! 🤗 I already follow you both on IG and the blog.

  19. I'll love to win the makeup set.. Because... I'm sure you know. I love makeup to bits! And it's been long I won a giveaway o! Fingers crossed., IG id is @cheecheelive ;-)

  20. Ajibike Oyindamola10:33 am, January 17, 2016

    Hi d.o.f.e!
    I would like to win the first set of giveaway. Particularly the bucket bag. Winning this giveaway would be a great start to the year for me. I've got like no bag right now. Could really use a necklace for church and other outing too. Please, I'd really love to win.

    Instagram handle: @mystique_dammy

    Thank you! :)

  21. Hello Belinda,
    Please please please do let Tomiwa "@thormmiee" on IG win the first set. It's actually her birthday tomorrow. Coincidence maybe? ^^

  22. Hello Belinda,
    Please please please do let Tomiwa "@thormmiee" on IG win the first set. It's actually her birthday tomorrow. Coincidence maybe? ^^

  23. Hi Belinda,

    Followed all the rules. Fingers crossed for a win.

    Would really like the first set.

    @busylilbee22 on IG, email:

  24. oh wow! those blue shoes are gorg. I would luv to win the 1st set. E: chicbenefits(at)yahoo(dot)com IG: @chicbenefits

  25. Cute bag :)
    Maria V.

  26. Wondering why my comment didn't show?? Anyway here's it again. I want to win the 1st prize those blue shoes are gorg. E: chicbenefits(at) IG:chicbenefits

  27. Omgggg, thank you soooo much. You just made my day. God bless you Belinda :*

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

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