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Posted by / Friday, January 01, 2016 / 6 Comments

Hello 2016!

Hi Guys!!!


I'm so emotional right now, remain small I will start to cry. Lol.

I've had such an eventful's been part crazy but amazing. In the last 12 months, I had some crazy broke days, I had my heart broken by 2 people I never imagined would do that...a boy and a girl, I thought my search for bae was about to end, but here I am in 2016 still finding bae, I had some sad and lonely days and questioned my purpose on earth, I'm still struggling with keeping in touch with people and using my BBM properly. At the same time in these 12 months, I deepened some friendships and made friends with some of you guys, I was never involved in any type of accident, I got closer to God and devoted more time to serving him, I learnt a lot more about myself by being more honest with myself, I was made Team Lead, I got accepted into a team I'd always wanted to work in, my sister and quite a number of my closest friends got married, I took my blog a little more seriously, I got on the fitfam train (but got off mid-way), my phone got stolen twice but was returned to me the second time, I got 70% of the items on my wishlist, I got better at my makeup game, I had so many crazy happy days.

My heart is so full and I cannot thank God enough for how good he was to me, my family and my friends. 

2016 will not be all rosy, the current economic conditions alone will tell you that, but his grace will keep you everyday and through ever circumstance. And if you keep the faith, no matter how tiny, you will have an amazing experience this year. This I know for a fact.

For now I have only 1 resolution for 2016; to be so far and deeply hidden in Christ that anyone that wants to find me will find Jesus first. I will always put you guys in my prayers and if you need a partner in that regard, I'm just an email away; I'm more than willing to agree in faith with you on any issue. 

Have a fabulous 2016.



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